Friday, August 31, 2007


Editor's Note: I have been accused of abandoning my dweebly responsibilities. While this is technically accurate (yesyesyes, it's been a heap of time since I've dweeblogged), since the finger being pointed is that of a jobless, feckless MIME, does it count?

Back to that whole treeinforestnoonehearsit thing.....

SO. HERE, you silly Mimey ODDBOB. Take THAT!

The Top 10 Rejected Star Trek Spinoffs
10> Quark Shadows
9> The Q Files, starring Q and Agent Scully
8> How I Met Your First Officer
7> Desperate Klingons
6> Geordi Loves Scotty
5> Federation Idol: The Ten-Forward lounge is the center stage in this search for the next big "star". Q covers "Me and Mrs. Jones" and wows the audience!
4> The Surreal Plot
3> The Viewscreen: Guinan, Counselor Troi & Neelix host a succession of warm and fuzzy feel-good book authors and other personality-impaired personalities. Show is universally despised by males, as well as Klingons of either gender. Only lasts half a season before entire cast is fed on-camera to a ravenous alien carnivore by their own stagehands.
2> Data-line NBC: To Catch A Soongian Android Duplicate
and the Number 1 Rejected Star Trek Spinoff...
1> Surak, Sarek and Spock in: Two and a Half Vulcans
Editor's Note: Hardly worth the wait, huh?