Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darkness....I see Dead People....etc......

Editor's Note: Here's the deal, dweebpals.....
I have two weeks of holy HECK going on, and it is beginning to feel unlikely that a lot of dweebing is going to happen in that time frame.
Keep checking this lovely dweeblog (on the off-chance I decide to take a break from work and rehersing and such and actually post something).
But chances are we won't be back to heavy-duty dweebing until Sept. 11 or so.
The good news? There really isn't much going on right now (I've been checking, I promise).
Think good break-a-leg thesping thoughts for our lovely production (full of both thespy dweebs AND scifi dweebs) of "Fiorello!"
See ya on the flip-side, dweebpals!
ttfn and mtfbwy ker