Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day with OddBob

Editor's Note: Getting our Dweeb on, OddBob style. And just in time for FATHER'S DAY.

The Top 10 Sci-Fi Advice From Dad
10> "Son, you can be anything you want to be. It doesn't matter what a Kirk becomes. Starship captain, lawyer or cop. We still get to have sex with all kinds of women."
9> "Try to find one thing that matters most to you in the universe, and go after it with intense and unwavering concentration" -- Zaphod Beeblebrox
8> "Son, if you reach the end of the universe, take a left. You'll eventually get where you're going. No need to ask for directions."
7> "Never play by society's rules, Laz. Women love a rebel. Hell, that's how I seduced your mother."
6> "Frodo me lad, there's nothing stronger than the ties that bind, those are words that always ring true."
5> "Don't worry about the future, son. You have all the time in the world" -- M. McFly
4> Phone home? Very nice, but would it kill you to call your mother in Florida once in a while?!
3> "Heed well my words, Kal-El my son. You will have many mighty powers one you reach Earth. You will need them all because no matter what incarnation you're in, Luthor will always be played by someone with lots more charisma than you." Editor's Note: Ok...THIS one made me LOL....AND snort!
2> "Vladimir, as a Harkonnen keep in mind that impropriety is the spice of life."
and the Number 1 Sci-Fi Advice From Dad...
1> "Son, the way to truly get ahead in life is to study hard, hone your natural abilities, and then forsake every value you have ever had, betray every friend you have ever known and finally murder your mentor. This is how you become one with all things." -- D. Vader
Editor's Note: And who better to know, than the mother of all daddies!?
And appropos of absolutely nothing....
Editor's Note: Here's the caption (from some dweeb-wag) - COME TO THE DARK SLIDE. (I don't write em, I just report em).
We'll try to get back in the dweeblog swing soon. Happy Daddy's Day!