Saturday, June 23, 2007

Disney/Star Wars Weekends 2007 (fun pics)

Editor's Note: SO....back from vacation and now working mammoth hours to (TRY) to impress the new boss.

Is it working? Am I making any money yet?


All that to say, that...ONCE AGAIN....dweebing gets shunted to the side. But here are some fun pics to tide us over.


I’m pretty sure the ears (groovy as they are) are NOT Jedi Regulation attire.

Does the Stormie know he has a mouse growing out of his helmet?

Another one for OB. Daniel Logan and Ray Park. (Ray makes the ears look goooooood, don’t you think?)

P.S. And is it just me, or have they suddenly got some pretty snazzy ear
choices?! (yet ANOTHER reason to go BACK TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!)

If we needed a reason????

This one confuses me....