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SO much catching up, and SO little time - MOVIEs

Editor's Note: ARRRRgghhhhh! And that's all I have to say about how busy this week has been. (August ain't really DOG days. I mean, MY dog mostly lies around all day. August feels more like TIGGER days).

Bouncing along....

Upcoming DIE HARD film gets release date and title

Editor's Note: $%#%^&&! (insert favorite bad words here) ##$$%%^!

The upcoming DIE HARD film will be called LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and is set to be released on June 29, 2007. Editor's Note: Why wait for a script?! Bring it ON, dudes!

Pixar's upcoming animated film RATATOUILLE has also claimed that date for it's own release. The 4th of July falls on the following Wednesday.

DIE HARD's story centers on an attack on the U.S.' computer infrastructure that begins to shut the country down on the Fourth of July. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every digital angle but never counts on an old-fashioned, "analog" McClane.

"Our villain is high tech, but the way McClane deals with him is low-tech," said director Len Wiseman. "A fistfight still solves a lot of problems." Editor's Note: And yet, I am constantly being told NOT to hit people! It's SO unfair. (I love John McClane; He ROCKS)! He added that the fourth outing "will be a more epic movie. It's on a much grander scale. The threat is nationwide." Editor's Note: So that whole JM-in-the-Amazon thing went away, I guess? (Some previous incarnation of the script)?

The last DIE HARD film was released in 1995. Editor's Note: Ahh...but who's COUNTING!? (And that's why god created young side-kicks, right?)

Jon Turteltaub talks NATIONAL TREASURE 2

Director Jon Turteltaub talked with the LA Daily News about the upcoming film NATIONAL TREASURE 2, the sequel to the hit film NATIONAL TREASURE.

"We are just about to start pre-production," the director revealed. "We'll have Nic [Cage], Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger, Jon Voight and Harvey Keitel ... Everyone's back except anyone who's in jail or died." Editor's Note: Alas. No Sean Bean, then?

Turteltaub continues, saying there will be "exciting destinations within America as well as around the world. As we were shooting the first one, it kept changing, so I'm scared to commit to anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if Mount Rushmore made an appearance."

The sequel is said to focus on another treasure hunt which will take the characters to various historical sites throughout the US and abroad.

The film looks set for a November 29, 2007 release day while production should begin sometime in October via Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Editor's Note: And our man Jerry wouldn't let us down, eh?!

Christian Bale to star in 3:10 TO YUMA

Editor's Note: There ya go, Joel. All dressed up juuuuuuuuuust for YOU.

Christian Bale is in negotiations to star opposite Russell Crowe in the upcoming film 3:10 TO YUMA.

3:10 TO YUMA is based on the 1957 film that starred Glenn Ford as captured outlaw Ben Wade, who finds himself in the custody of small-time rancher Dan Evans. The rancher is secretly trying to take the outlaw to a railway station to catch a train to Yuma for the outlaw's court date. A battle of wills ensues.

Bale will play the rancher, while Crowe will play the outlaw. James Mangold is set to direct the film which will be financed by Relativity Media.

Both Tom Cruise and Eric Bana were rumored to be in contention for the role a few months ago, but Columbia recently put the film into turnaround, and neither star attached himself to the film. Editor's Note: Crowe and Bale are very good casting. Glad the Cruise/Bana thing didn't work out.

Relativity has taken hold of the film, it is now on track for a fall shoot.

Universal Pictures options comic THE LEADING MAN

Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to the comic book THE LEADING MAN from Oni Press.

The comic follows the adventures of the world's biggest movie star, Nick Walter. Walter uses his celebrity, access, lifestyle and his films' international location shoots as a cover for his real job, that of an international spy.

The comic, published on July 13, is written by B. Clay Moore and illustrated by Jeremy Haun. Editor's Note: Sounds like a Cary Grant film. Were he not already deceased. Casting ideas?

Agnieszka Vosloo will write and direct AFTER LIFE
Editor's Note: I just sprained my tongue trying to pronouce this person's name. Poooor fellow. (or girl?)
Agnieszka Vosloo has signed on to write and direct the upcoming film AFTER LIFE.

The film will follow a young woman in a transitional state between life and death who fights to avoid being buried alive and the funeral director who holds her fate in his hands.

Production on the film is tentatively set for this winter and will be Vosloo's feature debut.

HELLBOY 2 finds a home at Universal

Editor's Note: I don't really CARE about this movie, but the dude is so shiny and RED, I just HAD to post it. Shiny. And RED.

Universal Pictures has elected to fully finance and distribute HELLBOY 2, the sequel to the 2004 film HELLBOY. Guillermo del Toro will be back to direct the comic book adaption.

Universal picked up the film after it was left in limbo with Revolution Studios out of business. Revolution Studios made the original film via it's distribution deal with Columbia Pictures.

In a script by del Toro, Ron Perlman returns as Hellboy, the humanoid creature born in the flames of hell who was deposited on Earth's doorstep as an infant and battles otherworldly evil for a covert government agency. Editor's Note: I've always SUSPECTED the Postal Service was up to bigger things! Selma Blair returns as the horned hero's pyrokinetic love interest. Editor's Note: Why do they put Selma Blair in movies? It seems such a HUGE hurdle for any movie to have to overcome. (Not quite as bad as the Josh Hartnett hurdle, maybe, but still an uphill battle).

The film will aim for a summer 2008 release.

Liv Tyler joins STRANGERS

Liv Tyler has signed on to star in the upcoming film STRANGERS for Rogue Pictures. Bryan Bertino will write and direct the film.

STRANGERS is a suspense thriller revolving around a couple in a remote suburban house who are targeted by three dangerous masked strangers. Editor's Note: Which is why I bought MY house inner city!

Tyler will play the female half of the couple, the male role is still being cast. The film is aiming for an October 2007 release date.


Editor's Note: Despite the fact that I really don't care, this poster makes me care just a little bit LESS. ("it ain't over till it's over"? I'm thinking it was over a WHILE ago?)

Here is the poster for the upcoming film ROCKY BALBOA.

The next installment of Rocky will be headed back to theaters on December 22, 2006. The movie will be titled ROCKY BALBOA and stars Sylvester Stallone as Rocky.

In the film, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) has now been retired for some time, but hard-up for money, he decides to step back into the ring against a few small-time boxers. Everything changes when Rocky is offered the opportunity to step in with the reigning Heavyweight Champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon. Does Rocky still have what it takes to make another Championship comeback?? Editor's Note: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The movie is being produced via a three-way deal between Revolution Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and MGM.

"All three partners involved in this project are tremendously excited with this new film and Sony is thrilled to be handling international distribution of the motion picture as well as home entertainment on a worldwide basis," Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution Jeff Blake said. Editor's Note: And now, the audioanimatronic PR guy!

MGM will be handling domestic distribution for the film.

Terrence Howard in IRON MAN?
According to, Terrence Howard has been offered the role of Iron Man's friend, Jim Rhodes.

IRON MAN follows troubled billionaire Tony Stark who creates a life support suit to assist him after a life threatening accident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight evil and crime. Editor's Note: Yeah. I was going to do that on my lunch hour, but then I decided to BLOG instead. Rhodes would often don the Iron Man armor himself when Stark ... succumbed to his alcoholism.

Favreau has also posted on the MySpace for IRON MAN to address concerns over the films villain.

"We live in a different society than when the Mandarin was originally conceived. We in no way want to perpetuate any ridiculous stereotypes. The aspect of the Mandarin that is appealing to us is his mysterious and formidable nature," Favreau explained. "He is the most powerful and definitive of the Iron Man villains. He also allows us to weave in other fan pleasing 'personalities' as he is a mastermind and not simply a brutish thug. The Mandarin presents the best opportunity to write a complex and colorful character." Editor's Note: Plus, all the snide British actors, and all the good Middle-Eastern actors were already doing OTHER baddies, so they HAD to branch out.

Favreau added, "I happen to think that any portrayal of this villain similar to the early books would be comical at best and offensive at worst. Neither result is what we are going for. I hope to update the paradigm and create a character who is a villain because of what he does, not where he's from or what he looks like."

IRON MAN is set to hit theaters on May 2, 2008.

Weta Digital and Joe Letteri doing visual effects on AVATAR
According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron has signed Joe Letteri and Weta Digital to create the visual effects, creatures and enviorments for his upcoming film AVATAR.

"Weta has proven themselves a leader in visionary effects, especially in the area of performance capture based character animation, which is a big part of my new film," Cameron said.

AVATAR, which also has gone under the cover title Project 880, follows a paraplegic war veteran who is brought to another planet inhabited by a humanoid race at odds with Earth's citizens.

Letteri is a three-time Oscar winner, along with his Wellington, N.Z.-based team, for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and King Kong.

AVATAR will debut in theaters sometimes in the summer of 2008

McMahon only the voice of Dr. Doom?
According to, Julian McMahon may only be providing the voice of Dr. Doom in the upcoming film FANTASTIC FOUR AND THE SILVER SURFER.

Chris Showerman may play the man in the Dr. Doom suit, leaving McMahon only to provide the voice. Dr. Doom will be totally masked throughout the film.

Rumors have said Showerman recently met with Twentieth Century Fox regarding the role. Editor's Note: Kind of a lazy day at the office for McMahon, if true.

Warner Bros. acquires SLEEPER CODE

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to SLEEPER CODE, a novel by Tom Sniegoski. Jason Keller will adapt the novel into a thriller for the studio.

In SLEEPER CODE, the lead character suffers from an extreme form of narcolepsy, forcing him to be home-schooled and to work out of the house. When his psychologist is murdered and his files go missing, he discovers he hasn't been sleeping at all. Editor's Note: I'm confused. Narcolepsy is when you fall asleep at the drop of a hat. So he just THINKS he has narcolepsy, but he's really awake? Huh?

SLEEPER CODE was published last month by Penguin. It is the first of a series of novels which will be refashioned as an adult franchise.

Peter Donaldson, Stacy Maes and Jay Sanders will produce the film.

Pullman likes Dick
Editor's Note: I don't write the titles. This one is NOT my fault.

The always versatile Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”, “Casper”, “Zero Effect”) will play legendary author Philip K.Dick (“Minority Report”, “Bladerunner”) in the film “Panasonic”, says Production Weekly.

The Matthew ‘Break My Stride’ Wilder directed film will be quite exceptional, by the sounds. It’ll fix on how the lines between reality and perception blur in the mind of the infamous Sci-Fi writer – who’s constantly determined there are conspiracies plotting against him and experiences drug-fueled interdimensional shifts.

Clooney starring in Pet Sematary redo?
George Clooney is about to raise some hell.
The actor will front a remake of horror classic “Pet Sematary”, says Bloody Disgusting.

Clooney will play the Dale Midkiff role in the film, a father so distraught after the unfortunate death of his son that he buries him in a Pet Cemetery, originally an old Indian burialground, which encompasses the power to resurrect dead animals. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of cemetery you want to bury kids at, as he and his wife soon discover. Editor's Note: Why would Clooney do this movie? Seems an odd choice given where his career has been of late?

Dave Kajganich wrote the redo.

Chris Noth In A Frame Of MindA conspiracy thriller

Another day, another innocent person stumbling into a giant government conspiracy on film. People really shouldn’t leave those things lying around. Editor's Note: Giggle. REALLY! (at least there are hunky guys to figure it out and save the day when they DO leave them where anyone can trip over them)!

Sex And The City’s Chris Noth is the latest unfortunate soul who will be discovering government shenanigans in Frame Of Mind, as a cop finds out that things just aren’t what they seem.

The multi-tasking Carl T Evans is not only his co-star, but also the director and a writer on the film along with Charles Kipps.

It’ll kick off in New Jersey this October.


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