Friday, July 28, 2006

A WEE bit more STAR WARS stuff

Celebration IV Logo
Announced in the Star Wars Spectacular at San Diego Comic Con, comes this beautiful new design mixing elements from the past with a crisper design element of today.

You can expect to see this logo more and more as we get closer to Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, California!

Star Wars In 3-D
Steve Sansweet tackled this question from one fan at the recent Fan Club Breakfast last week in San Diego.

Here's his response as posted at

"George and Rick are really excited about the technology they have seen in 3-D... they showed about 10 minutes of Star Wars at a trade industry show about a year ago, and there was a lot of great buzz. Well, a couple of things have turned out. You have to look at the business plan: When does it make sense to do something like that? And you need thousands of digital screen theaters. It does not work on a film projector... This may be the thing that is finally going to force a lot of theater chains to bring in digital projectors at least for one of their screens... A lot of theater chains have announced they are going ahead. That said, how long is it going to take to get three- to four- to five thousand theaters digitally converted? It's not going to happen this year. It's not going to happen by the end of next year. In addition, the process to do the movie turns out to be a little more expensive than initially thought. So you have the theaters converting, you have the costs of converting one or all of the six Star Wars movies into 3-D, and you have the fact that the technology involves wireless battery-operated glasses that blink maybe a thousand times a second; it's not like a read and blue lens. So you have to take all those factors into consideration. I think Lucasfilm is still very interested in releasing the saga in 3-D. I think it's really just a matter of time, but I don't think it's going to be in the next couple of years."

So there you have it! I'm a little dissapointed myself, but with so much other great stuff coming down the pipe I'm sure we'll all find plenty of Star Wars to keep us all busy these next few years! Editor's Note: Well DRAT! (thank heavens for those upcoming dancing penguins)?

Editor's Note: Another 2007 Pic (This art is GORGEOUS, isn't it?!):

The skies of Felucia are much safer now under the vigilant eyes of the Galactic Empire.

And one more pic----

It's easy to see the source of inspiration that Alex Jaeger drew upon when designing this clone pod fighter for Episode III.


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