Friday, August 04, 2006


Editor's Note: Too late. You obviously didn't run far enough or fast enough.

And speaking of "Die Hard" (which we were, earlier today; OB is now not just psyCHO, but also psychIC) ----

At the most recent Cannes Film Festival, Bruce Willis let slip that they are to start shooting "Die Hard 4" very soon... Editor's Note: As we reported earlier.....

The Top 8 Plotlines for "Die Hard 4"
8> Actually, the dying is pretty soft until the Viagra kicks in.
Editor's Note: naughty naughty naughty.....

7> Bruce Willis blows away the bad guys with his shotgun-toting sidekick, Dick Cheney.

6> Florida voters confuse John McClane with John McCain and elect Bruce Willis president.

5> Bruce teams with Danny Glover, Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone to free their Social Security checks from a vengeful government agency. Editor's Note: giggle. (oh....guilt. Someone spank me)

4> Aging cop John McClane's plans for a quiet evening at home are thwarted when he falls, breaks a hip, can't reach the remote and misses his favorite episode of "Punk'd."

3> Policeman John McClane is just trying to have a quiet vacation in Lebanon when he finds out Gunter Gruber, Hans's long-lost son, is the new head of Hezbollah.

2> Law enforcement officer John McClane is just trying to enjoy a quiet vacation in Iran....

and the Number 1 Plotline for "Die Hard 4"...

1> This time, he dies really, really, really, really hard.
Editor's Note: I don't write em, I just post em. (And why do I DO that, you ask? yeah....not sure.....EXCELLENT question......)


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