Friday, September 30, 2005

A tad more Harry

Search begins for Luna Lovegood actress
The casting department for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie are now visiting schools across the United Kingdom in search of someone to play the part of Luna Lovegood in the film.

If you're school is not one of those visited, you can send a photo of yourself, your age and contact details to the following address:

Luna Lovegood Castingc/o Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
Leavesden Studios
PO Box 322
WD25 7XJ

Please take note that you must be British to apply for the role,EDITOR'S NOTE: AND HERE I WAS THINKING KRAZY KARLA WOULD BE SENDING IN HER CV. (SORRY ABOUT THAT K.K.) no matter how good your accent is!

Additionally, a spokesperson for Warner Brothers has stated that they won't be holding open castings. "We don't automatically do open casting calls. We only do them when it's particularly challenging to find the correct person for a particular part."

New GOF calendar scans (updated with more pics!)
Excellent, high-quality scans from the German 2006 Goblet of Fire movie calendar have been posted on the forums - check them out below! EDITOR'S NOTE: HERE'S A FEW SAMPLE PICS. GO TO EMMAWATSON.NET FOR MORE.


Anonymous Karla said...

Thanks for the alliterative shout out (I assume you mean me) but there's no way I'm that spacey. MOST of the time. And I don't wear glasses (when I can help it).

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