Thursday, September 29, 2005

A little Star Wars shopping

Star Wars Transformers

At this weekend Transformer: Botcon convention,EDITOR'S NOTE: THEY GET A WHOLE CONVENTION JUST FOR THAT? (AND I THOUGHT I WAS INTO ARCANA?) Hasbro confirmed and debuted their new upcoming Star Wars Transformers line.

These are not connected in continuity for either Star Wars or Transformers. EDITOR'S NOTE: WELL THEN WHAT'S THE POINT? (I GUESS....UMM....YOU COULD JUST PLAY WITH THEM?)

There are 11 planned for 2006.

Available Jan. 2006.

Darth Vader/Tie Fighter
Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
General Grevious/Wheel Bike
Boba fett ship

THQ & Lucasfilm Team for Mobile STAR WARS
Video game publisher THQ Inc. has announced they will work with Lucasfilm to develop a STAR WARS game for mobile phones.

THQ Wireless, a THQ unit, said it would develop "Star Wars Battlefront Mobile," with sales expected to launch November 1 exclusively on Cingular's cellular service. EDITOR’S NOTE: OH DRAT. JUST WHEN I WAS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING DUMPING MY CINGULAR SERVICE…….

Star Wars Battlefront Mobile is a feature-rich multiplayer game.

Mobile gamers can become a member of either the Confederacy of Independent Systems or the Grand Army of the Republic in the Clone Wars, or choose an allegiance between the Rebel Alliance and the evil Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil Wars.

Taking place in real-time, Battlefront Mobile features a pervasive world with a large-scale territorial combat system in which players can choose from two complete campaigns with more than 75 playable levels. Players can also track the progress of their character and faction in-game using the comprehensive ranking and award systems.

The new game is just one of several new multiplayer games being released as a result of a partnership between THQ Wireless and Singapore-based developer, Mikoishi.


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