Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday OddBOBbing...

Editor's Note: Just for us from the infamous OddBob....cause he loves us and wants us to be happy? (Or is it that he loves TORTURING us?)


The Top 10 SciFi Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors
10> Dark Matter Chocolate
9> Big Bang Banana Crunch
8> Klingon Ridge Ripple
7> Vulcanilla
6> Spocky Road
5> Obi-Wan Spumoni
Editor's Note: But is it OLD Obi-Wan Spumoni, or cute/YOUNG Obi-Wan Spumoni? (And did we just go to a bad place when we asked that question?)
4> Red Shift Raspberry
3> Wookiees & Cream
Editor's Note: LOL!!!
2> Bradbury Crunch
and the Number 1 SF Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor...
1> Bananakin Skywalker
Editor's Note: Or AniAnise?
Have a great weekend, Dweebpals!


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