Friday, April 13, 2007

OddBob, we've missed ye SO!

Editor's Note: You thought, just cause we hardly get any dweebing of substance going these days, that somehow, OddBob would be forsaken?

Heaven forFEND!

No....we ain't that lucky.

The Top 10 Diet Crazes of the Future

10> The Sith Beach Diet

9> Lunar fat farms. You instantly lose 5/6th of your weight when you arrive!

8> Grok Your Weight Away on the Valentine Michael Smith Diet!

7> The Full Cranial Transfer diet: Take one simple pill, go to sleep, and when you wake up, your brain's been transplanted into a slimmer body!

6> The Pluto diet. It was small to start but then someone took it away from you.

5> Q's Cwazy Quiche Cookbook.

4> The "On the Beach" diet: You have to travel to Australia and wait for the end of the world before chowing down.

3> "The Soylent Green Diet". Once you find out what it is, you'll never eat again.
Editor's note: if THIS one worked, no one would eat hot dogs, blue cheese, or street-fair meat pies.

2> The Water-Sharing Diet: Order one meal and share it amongst your water brothers.

and the Number 1 Diet Craze of the Future ...

1> Jedi Mind Trick Diet: "This is not the chocolate strawberry triple cheesecake you're looking for." Editor's Note: NOW we're talkin!!!! (either that, or you just convince everyone ELSE that you are actually very thin and attractive?)


Blogger ptmcg said...

Wow, I just posted a note yesterday on the sacredness of the word "grok", and here it is in your Diets of the Future list (and only SIASL readers would appreciate V.M.Smith's weight-reduction technique!). Cute list!

10:27 AM  

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