Friday, August 18, 2006

OddddddddddddddddBOBBBBBBBBBBBBB, yay?

One of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel is "Myth Busters," a show that takes myths and urban legends and proves or disproves them.

I wondered what the SF version would be like.

The Top 8 Shows For SF Myth Busters
8> Which girls does "Earth Girls Are Easy" refer to, and what are their phone numbers?
Editor's Note: I'm thinking OB didn't write this one? (Or are you changing teams? AGAIN? Do women get a vote?)
7> "Okay, here we have a line of Imperial Storm Troopers loaded for bear,and there we have the broad side of a barn...."
6> Rubber bands or duct-tape? What's *really* holding the Millennium Falcon together?
Editor's Note: Han Solo's snarky charm?
5> Does the color red attract an inordinate amount of weapon fire and falling rocks?
4> Does going back in time and preventing one's parents from meeting cause one to spontaneously disappear?
3> How *does* Londo's hair stay up?
Editor's Note: Anyone who knows B5 knows about his....umm.....well..... Did ya SEE "There's Something about Mary?"
2> Ship size vs penis size. And is the Death Star really a ship?
and the Number 1 Show For SF Myth Busters...
1> Are Orion slave girls green EVERYWHERE?
Editor's Note: Are you asking because you REALLY want to know, or just proving that you haven't gone there?


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