Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mid-Week Disney



The gang's all here at Monsters, Inc.

They scare because they care – that’s the motto from Disney's presentation of the Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.”

The film gave us a glimpse on the other side of the closet door, where monsters harvest scream power from the scariest creatures on the planet: human children.

For those who’ve always wanted to take a closer look, Disney’s California Adventure® park has opened a transit station that will whisk Guests straight to Monstropolis. It’s a unique chance to play tourist in the monster capitol – see the sights! Pick up handy tips for visitors! Catch a cab! And best of all, you’ll get a guided tour of the Monsters, Inc. plant itself. It’s all behind the colorful façade of Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!, inspired by the film “Monsters, Inc.” – a new attraction that's more fun than a barrel of monsters.

The Insider recently made the trip, and returned with the inside secrets of Monstropolis.

Here’s the firsthand skinny on Disneyland® Resort’s newest attraction, and its groundbreaking technical effects. We found ourselves entering the Monstropolis Transit Authority, which is well-equipped to serve the visitor from out of town – check out the posted safety regulations
(they’re especially handy if you’re wondering whether you have to pay an extra fare for your second head), scan the headlines of the local papers (including “The Daily Glob”), and peruse a full menu for Monstropolis’ deluxe eatery, Harryhausen’s.

We don’t recommend that you try the snacks in the snack machine, however, unless you’re fond of Primordial Ooze.

In the twinkling of a (giant, oozing) eye, you’ll be ready to hop aboard your cab for a jaunt through town. Once aboard you’ll meet Mike, Sulley, Randall, Boo, and more – all voiced by the original film cast.

We won’t ruin any surprises, but many of the finest (and funniest) moments from the film await you as you twist and turn through town.

Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! is in essence a classic Disney “dark ride” like Peter Pan’s Flight or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride – and it is a spectacularly sophisticated one, packed with innovations. Keep an eye out when you pass through the door vault – one of the doors looks different for each attraction vehicle. You’ll also get to see creepy Randall Boggs “disappear” before your eyes, and later he moves through an entire fabric store’s worth of colors and patterns, one after the other. EDITOR'S NOTE: PETER PAN'S FLIGHT AND MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE ARE TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVES! SO THIS RIDE MUST BE THE CAT'S MEOW!

One of the highlights of the attraction comes at the very end, as Roz the Dispatch Manager says a few words just for you – the Imagineers won’t tell us exactly how it works, but the effect is hilarious.

We have a few tips to make the most of your visit to Monstropolis:
• You’ll find the doorway to Monstropolis through the elephant-topped gateway to the Hollywood Backlot area. Look to your left as you go down the street – the new attraction is in the same courtyard as “MuppetVision: 3D.”

• In our experience, the wait time moved fairly quickly, but since this is a new attraction it does attract a crowd, and you’ll want to visit first thing in the morning, around noon when many visitors have stopped for lunch, or late in the evening.

• Pay close attention while waiting to board your cab – there are plenty of surprises tucked in here and there to make your experience extra-monstrous.

• Check out the signage at the grocer in Monstropolis as you drive by!

• You don’t need to have seen “Monsters, Inc.” to enjoy the attraction – but it certainly adds to the experience. If you haven’t seen the movie, or it’s been a while, a brush-up viewing before you go will make your visit all the more fun.

• If Roz’s parting remarks are your favorite part of the experience, after your ride, stroll over to the nearby Turtle Talk with Crush inspired by Disney's presentation of Pixar's "Finding Nemo" – Crush loves to chat up close and personal with his fans.

And while you’re at Disney’s California Adventure park don’t miss the when Disney presents the Pixar Film Pals in the Block Party Bash parade, where you’ll see lots more of Mike and Sulley.

• Finally – keep your tentacles inside the taxi, and watch out for human children! EDITOR'S NOTE: SO. MUST GO TO CALIFORNIA. MUST GO TO ORLANDO. MUST GO TO ASIA. ANYTHING ELSE ON OUR LIST, JOEL?


'Gnomeo' a no-go at Dis Ani
The Elton John movie "Gnomeo & Juliet," an animated film based on William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," is no longer in production at Walt Disney Feature Animation, the studio said Monday.

John was producing the animated musical about small star-crossed lovers through his Rocket Pictures and was engaged to write the movie's songs. "Gnomeo" was Disney's second animation collaboration with John following 1994's "The Lion King," which featured John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight. EDITOR'S NOTE: WONDER WHAT THE STORY IS HERE, HMMM?


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