Thursday, February 23, 2006

Movie News

Park to re-open in 2008
“Indiana Jones” isn’t the only Spielberg series about to chalk up another chapter, according to the London Free Press, “Jurassic Park” is also eyeing a fourth jaunt. EDITOR'S NOTE: OH PLEASE OH PLEASE INCLUDE A SCRIPT THIS TIME!!! (AND WHAT THE HECK...SAM NEILL AGAIN? WHILST WE ARE ASKING FOR THE MOON....)

Producer Frank Marshall (“The Bourne Supremacy”) says they’ve finally got a script they like for the film, EDITOR'S NOTE: JUST TO MAKE SURE THEIR TASTE IS TO BE TRUSTED...HOW DID THEY FEEL ABOUT THE SCRIPT FOR THE LAST ONE? (ASSUMING THERE WAS A SCRIPT). which will again tell a Man Vs. Dinosaur yarn, and it should be before the cameras next year sometime.

"It has a good script now, so we should have that one up and running next year for release in 2008”, he confirmed.

It’s often been rumoured that the character of Lexie, the granddaughter of the character played by Sir Richard Attenborough, both who appeared in the first film, will be a major character in the new film. A couple of years back Steven Spielberg asked Keira Knightley whether she would be interested in playing the role (taking over for Ariana Richards, who played the role initially).


Burrows, Tyler and Pinkett Smith in 9/11 movie
Three gifted actresses are about to relive the tragedy of 9/11.

Saffron Burrows, Jada Pinkett Smith and Liv Tyler are in final negotiations to join the cast of the drama "Reign O'er Me", an Adam Sandler-starring drama about the events of September 11th.

Helmed by Mike Binder, and also starring Don Cheadle, the film centers on a man (Sandler) who lost his family in the Sept. 11 attacks and has not recovered from his grief. He runs into his college roommate (Cheadle), who is now a psychiatrist and is determined to help him cope with the loss. EDITOR'S NOTE: DON CHEADLE'S PRESENCE IS LIKELY TO BE THE THING CLASSING THE WHOLE PRODUCTION UP ENOUGH TO KEEP THEM ALL FROM BEING SUED BY 9/11 SURVIVORS?

Burrows would play Donna, a patient of Cheadle's character who has entanglements with both men. Smith is set to play Janeane, the wife of Cheadle's character, while Tyler would play Angela, a psychiatrist.

Reeves as The Silver Surfer?
Keanu Reeves might be about to earn his superhero stripes. EDITOR'S NOTE: ZZZZZZZZZZZ....SORRY. THE WORDS 'KEANU REEVES' HAVE THAT EFFECT ON ME.

The “Matrix” alumni is rumoured to be up for the role of The Silver Surfer, one of Marvel’s most popular comic characters, in a film of the same name, says Aint it Cool News.

“Oddly, I feel that's perfect casting”, says Harry Knowles, over at AICN. EDITOR'S NOTE: CALM DOWN, HARRY. TAKE A COLD SHOWER.

Knowles wonders whether FOX might introduce the character in the next “Fantastic Four” movie though.

“And in tandem with the rumors about GALACTUS and the FF, it makes one wonder if they plan to introduce the Surfer as he should be introduced in an FF movie”.

Personally, I can’t see Reeves wanting to sign up for the role if FOX does envision having The Silver Surfer play a part in “The Fantastic Four 2” – and they should - not only will he not be part of the headline troupe, but a sequel to a rather so-so film? Not exactly sure-fire gold.

The Silver Surfer was a galaxy-cruising protector endowed with superhuman strength, who is able to control and direct cosmic energies, with enough force to destroy a city. Having betrayed his villainous master Galactus, by deciding not to devour the world, he was confined to Earth. He escaped though, and started pulling solo-missions across the milky way. EDITOR'S NOTE: I LOVE SCIFI. I EVEN LOVE COMIC BOOKS. BUT DO YOUR EYES GLAZE OVER SOMETIMES WHEN YOU READ THESE COMIC HERO DESCRIPTIONS? I MEAN, 'SUPERHUMAN POWER....BLAH BLAH BLAH...SAVED THE PLANET FROM DESTRUCTION...BLAH BLAH BLAH....DOOMED TO WEAR TIGHT UNDIES FOR THE REST OF HIS MORTAL BLAH BLAH BLAH.


The Rock, Wesley Snipes and Vin Diesel have all been linked to the “Silver Surfer” at one time or another.

In other comic-to-film news, IGN Filmforce report that David Self (“Thirteen Days, “Deathlok”) has been hired to write Marvel’s “Captain America” movie.

Howard is the Superfreak Boxer?
Sounds like Terrence Howard is the new ‘go to’ man.

According to, the “Hustle and Flow” star is in talks to star as musician Rick James and Joe Louis, respectively, in two separate biopics.

James, one of the most popular artists on the Motown label during the late 1970s and early 1980s, earned himself the label ‘The King of Funk’. A film based on his life has been in the works for several years now.

Same with a new (there’s already been a couple based on his life, including 1953’s “The Joe Louis Story”) Joe Louis film. News of a film based on the boxer’s life – a heavyweight champ known as the ‘Brown Bomber’ - has been doing the rounds for quite a while. At one stage, Spike Lee was going to direct a film that would’ve starred Vin Diesel in the title role

Bardem in Love
Javier Bardem [“Before Night Falls”] is set to star in the epic "Love in the Time of Cholera," which Mike Newell is directing for New Line Cinema, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on the novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "Cholera" follows a romantic young man (Bardem) who loses the girl of his dreams to a wealthier suitor and consequently spends the next 50 years building his life and reputation so that one day he might have her. Other women find this devotion irresistible, so he finds himself with frequent female companionship throughout his wait, but his heart always remains faithful to the woman who first captured his heart. EDITOR'S NOTE: I PROMISE TO WEEP PROFUSELY AT HOME FROM TIME TO TIME, IF YOU DON'T MAKE ME GO SEE THIS.

Oscar winner Ronald Harwood ("The Pianist") penned the screenplay.

The studio is anticipating to start the movie this year and is eyeing locations in Central America and South America

John Woo's Batman star to his latest
“Batman Begins” star Ken Watanabe is headed out of Gotham for a couple of weeks work on John Woo’s new film.

Called “The Battle of Red Cliff “, and expected to start filming in China this September, it tells of a battle fought with over one million men in 208 AD. During the battle, the joint force of two warlords, Sun Quan and Liu Bei, defeated the much stronger invading army led by warlord Cao Cao. Shortly after the battle, the Han dynasty officially ended and China split to three kingdoms.

Joining Watanabe, who would play Cao Coa, will be Chow Yun-Fat, Leung Chiu-Wai (“Infernal Affairs”) and “Matrix Reloaded” star Colin Chou, says Xinhau.

The film, based on historical events that took place in the ‘Three Kingdoms Period’ (220-280 AD), is director Woo’s first Chinese-language movie in a decade.

Thornton, Par exploring pic on 'Floyd Collins'
Billy Bob Thornton is digging into a new period project.

The multihyphenate is on board to develop "Floyd Collins" as a feature film for Paramount Pictures and will helm and star in the drama. Thornton's manager, Geyer Kosinski, is producing through his Media Talent Group.

Set in 1925, the drama centers on the true-life story of cave explorer Floyd Collins' entrapment in a Kentucky cavern and the ensuing 13-day news frenzy. EDITOR'S NOTE: I'M GUESSING THIS IS NOT THE LOVELY MUSICAL VERSION? (BILLY BOB SINGS...EEK!)

Rock commits to 'Wife,' Stone for Searchlight
Chris Rock is set to star in "I Think I Love My Wife," a remake of the French film "Chloe in the Afternoon," for Fox Searchlight Pictures. Charles Stone, who directed 2002's "Drumline," is in final negotiations to direct. Rock wrote the script with longtime collaborator Louis C.K., adapting Eric Rohmer's 1972 film, whose French title is "L'amour l'apres-midi."

"Chloe" depicted the life of a happily married office worker who daydreams about other women until he encounters the mistress of an old friend who tries to seduce him. "Wife" is set in present-day New York rather than Rohmer's Paris in the swinging '70s.

"I'm a big fan of Charles Stone, who I've been trying to work with ever since I saw 'Drumline,' " Rock said. "In the past year, I have made it a point to reach out to a lot of filmmakers whose work I enjoyed, and one person's name that kept coming up as someone I needed to work with was (Fox Searchlight Pictures president) Peter Rice. I can't wait to make a sophisticated comedy with all the good people at Fox Searchlight."

McG recruits Strathairn for Marshall pic
Oscar nominee David Strathairn is going from the television studio to the football field. The "Good Night, and Good Luck" star is joining Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox in McG's untitled Marshall University football project for Warner Bros. Pictures. Thunder Road's Basil Iwanyk is producing along with McG EDITOR'S NOTE: HOLD THE PICKLE HOLD THE LETTUCE...(SORRY. I JUST ALWAYS HAVE TO STOOP. IT'S WHO I AM, DARNIT!) and his Wonderland Sound & Vision shingle.

The movie revolves around the events following the 1970 plane crash that killed members of the West Virginia-based Marshall football team, along with most of its coaching staff, sports commentators and many of its local boosters.

Dis' ghost writer: Jacobs pens 'Fin'
Oscar-nominated screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs has been tapped to rewrite "The Banshee and Fin Magee" for Walt Disney Pictures. The original "Fin Magee" script was written by Dean DeBlois, who is working with Jacobs on the rewrite. DeBlois is attached to produce and direct the ghost tale as his live-action feature debut. DeBlois wrote and directed Disney's 2-D animated hit film "Lilo & Stitch."

The supernatural mystery centers on a little boy who is ignored by the world and pretends to be a ghost until he comes into contact with a real spirit. Jacobs, who was nominated for an Academy Award for adapting 2000's "Chocolat," also wrote 2001's "The Shipping News" and 2000's "Dinosaur."

Trio join Polley's 'Away' team
TORONTO -- Julie Christie, Olympia Dukakis and Michael Murphy have joined the cast of Canadian actress Sarah Polley's feature-film directorial debut, "Away From Her."

Adapted by Polley from an Alice Munro short story, "Away" portrays Christie as the forgetful, elderly wife of a philanderer in a nursing home who turns her affections to another resident, played by Murphy.

Rounding out the "Away From Her" cast is Gordon Pinsent, Wendy Crewson, Kristen Thomson and Alberta Watson.

Polley, who has written and directed two short films, "The Best Day of My Life" and "Don't Think Twice," will begin shooting "Away From Her" on April 7 in rural Ontario.

Rogue carves up 'Hack/Slash'
Rogue Pictures has picked up the film rights to "Hack/Slash," a cult horror comic book series being produced by Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter. Music video director Todd Lincoln is on board to direct. EDITOR'S NOTE: OOOO. NOTHING SAYS 'WAIT FOR CABLE' QUITE LIKE THE WORDS "MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR".

"Hack/Slash," created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, chronicles the adventures of Cassie Hack, a young woman who travels to small towns across the country hunting slashers in the vein of "Halloween's" Michael Myers, "Friday the 13th's" Jason Voorhees, and "A Nightmare on Elm Street's" Freddy Krueger. She is partnered on her journey with Vlad, a hulking companion, who serves as her protector. EDITOR'S NOTE: GOSH...I THINK THEY STOLE MY LIFE STORY!


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