Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday (huzzah huzzah) watchin TV

Scott Baio gets Arrested
With Henry Winkler packing his bags for his own show ("Out of Practice"), TV's "Arrested Development" has been one Bluth family lawyer short of a sitcom.

Solution? Bring in another "Happy Days" alumni.

Taking over where the Fonz left off will be Chachi himself, Scott Baio, who just filmed his first - and it could only be the one - episode as the wacky family's new lawyer.

The links to "Happy Days" run deep on the show - Ron Howard is both the show's narrator and executive producer.

"We're thrilled to have Chachi here," says Will Arnett (Gob Bluth). "I'm hoping Pat Morita is next."

ABC speaks Spanish in primetime
Spanish-speaking TV viewers are about to learn what all the fuss over "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" is about.

Starting Sept. 19, ABC will offer its entire primetime entertainment lineup in Spanish -- saying that it's the first English-language broadcast network to do so on such a large scale -- through a combination of closed-captioning and dubbing.

Returning shows "Housewives" and "Lost" and new comedy "Freddie" will be dubbed, with casting under way for the actors who will voice the roles. In addition, "George Lopez" will continue to be dubbed as it has been since its 2001 premiere.

The remainder of the network's primetime entertainment series will be available with Spanish subtitles EDITOR’S NOTE: WHY DO I SENSE THAT MY LITTLE FREE SPANISH CLASS THAT I SO CASUALLY STARTED THIS WEEK ISN’T GOING TO BE ENOUGH FOR ME TO KEEP PACE WITH MY OWN SURROUNDINGS?

Barbs won't be cut from telethon
The stars lined up for Friday's live multinetwork primetime telethon will not be censored if they make any politically tinged comments, program organizers said Thursday.

In a conference call with reporters, executive producer Joel Gallen noted that editing would occur only if obscenities accidentally were uttered. EDITOR’S NOTE: SO CUT TO THE QUICK, BUT KEEP IT CLEAN BOYS AND GIRLS! (GIGGLE)

The editing would be enabled by a 30-second time delay, standard for many live programs.

"The only precautions we have right now are for language," said Gallen, who added that he does not expect any of the dozens of musicians or celebrities appearing on "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast" to editorialize.


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