Thursday, February 10, 2005

Some Harry Potter'ing

100,000 copies of HBP sold at Amazon announced today that fans have already pre-ordered over 100,000 copies of the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Order of the Phoenix sold 420,000 copies before publication, so HBP has a lot of catching up to do, but a long time to do it! EDITOR'S NOTE: I THINK I MIGHT ORDER MINE DIRECT FROM THE STORE THIS TIME. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN AT THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY, I THINK I'D LIKE TO PICK UP MY COPY AT THE SAME TIME.

Amazon also said that it will be shipping the books so they arrive on the release day, July 16th.

HP gets nine nominations at the Saturn Awards

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban leads nominations in the 31st Annual Saturn Awards announced by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

POA is up for Best Picture (Fantasy), Best Director (Alfonso Cuaron) and Best Writer (Steve Kloves). Daniel Radcliffe also received a nomination for Best Performance By A Younger Actor. EDITOR'S NOTE: I'LL HAVE A FULL LIST OF SATURN AWARD NOMS COMING UP SHORTLY.....FYI.....

All of his friends will tell you that Rupert Grint is a charming boy; his sole fault is a tendency to be lazy. This explains why he hasn't even finished reading Order of the Phoenix! Rupert is not as conscientious as some when it comes to acting, and he continues to show that to us... EDITOR'S NOTE: HEY...CUT HIM SOME SLACK. HE'S JUST A KID, RIGHT?

For quite a while, you've had longer hair than usual. What motivated you to change your look?

Nothing at all; it's just my natural laziness! [laughs] After Prisoner of Azkaban shooting, I was simply too lazy to go to the hairdresser. When the producers saw my new cut, they demanded that I keep it for Goblet of Fire. They thought that it was similar to Ron's personality. This decision is fine with me, since I never was fond of cutting my hair!

Daniel Radcliffe hates to see himself on-screen. Do you?

No, not at all. I'll go and watch past films easily enough. For example, I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone a bit ago and found it quite entertaining! To see my younger self didn't really disturb me. The only thing I thought was a bit strange was hearing my voice before it changed. I found that rather unbearable! [laughs]

If you could play another character in the Harry Potter universe, who would you choose?

Malfoy! I like the mean characters in movies and it would have been a pleasure to play him! It also must be inspiring to have millions of fans that hate you! [laughs]

And, usually, which type of roles would you like to play in the movies?

I would very much like to play the roles that are the opposite of that of Ron. Roles of crazy people like serial killers, for example. [laughs] But I think I might be too young for that.

What would you like to happen to Ron in the next Harry Potter book?

I hope that he finally plays Quidditch! Dan [Radcliffe] often tells me that the Quidditch scenes are very difficult to shoot, but I don't care! Quidditch looks so cool on screen. According to something I heard, Ron plays Quidditch in The Order of the Phoenix, so if I am in that film, I will at last be able to prove my abilities in this sport! EDITOR'S NOTE: 'IF' YOU ARE IN THAT FILM? OH PLEASE SAY THAT YOU WILL BE?!

You said, "according to something I heard." So you haven't read Order of the Phoenix?

Well...I tried, but didn't finish. At the moment, I'm only on the third chapter. I'm quite lazy, as I think you already realized. [laugh]

What do you think will happen in regard to Ron's love life?

Everyone expects that Ron and Hermione will go out, but I don't think that would be an effective finish. I must say that this idea doesn't delight me... At the moment, I have no desire to play the romantic scenes. I already had a lot of trouble with certain scenes in Prisoner of Azkaban in which I had to hold Emma's hand, then be embarrassed.EDITOR'S NOTE: AWWW...HE'S SHY......

Which actor would you like to see in a future Harry Potter movie?

Mike Myers! I am an Austin Powers fan and I would love to play some scenes with him. Nevertheless, I do not think that that day will ever come, since only English actors are allowed to be in the films. There are not American actors!

Is it true that, to get the role of Ron, you disguised yourself as a girl at the audition?

Not completely. It's true that before the audition we had to send a K7 video to the casting director. In order to try and stand out, I chose to dress up as a girl. I put on a skirt, I put on make-up, and I improvised a rap in front of the movie camera... [laughs] This delirium was worth it for me to be able to advance to the next audition; they were testing for nerves.

It seems as though you aren't an assiduous student in school.

There is some truth in that statement. [laughs] I don't like school, which makes it easier for me not to do my homework. Evidently, my professors aren't very happy. And being in the Harry Potter movies doesn't give me any special treatment. For example, when I returned to school after Prisoner of Azkaban shooting, I had several hours of glue because I hadn't done my schoolwork. EDITOR'S NOTE: SEVERAL HOURS OF 'GLUE'? HUH?

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

No. When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming an icecream man. But it should be said that that job doesn't give you many options. [laughs] If I wasn't an actor, I'd love to be a designer. Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes. I love animated movies and TV shows, especially Spongebob.

Harry Potter dies at age 98
A 98-year-old Florida man named Harry Potter died last Saturday.

Apparently, when the HP books began gaining in popularity, Harry started getting stares from restaurant waitresses when they read his name on the seating list. Soon, book-toting parents began knocking on his door, asking him to sign autographs for their children. And he answered many late-night phone calls from people wanting to know whether he was the Harry Potter.''A lot of people would get irritated by something like that, but not him. He always got a good chuckle out of it,'' his daughter said.

8-foot tall Lego Hagrid
Kayla says her teacher took this photo in the England toy store Harrod's.

Update: We've now learned that this special statue has been on tour lately, and it's current location is the huge department store "Hamley's" located in England.

HP spoof gets US Army in trouble with JKR's reps
A Harry Potter comic parody that was published in a US Army publication is being investigated by JK Rowling's representatives, who were likely tipped off about the publication after HPANA posted scans a few days ago.

Preventative Maintenance (or PS) Monthly is a free guide to keeping military equipment in working order distributed to 80,000 army personnel in the US.

The comic book has been an army tradition for more than 50 years. Its editor defended the use of the characters, saying "they are a good way to get personnel to read the publication."Parodies are protected under the first amendment in the US under the "fair use" clause as long as it is done for "humorous or satirical effect". EDITOR'S NOTE: LOOK...IT'S ONE THING IF YOU TICK OFF THE WHOLE DURN WORLD AND MESS WITH LARGE POPULATIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. BUT WE REALLY MUST MUST MUST DRAW THE LINE AT FUTZING WITH JKR HERSELF. I MEAN, REALLY!

Kissing rumors 'utter rubbish'
Put down those pitchforks: Warner Brothers have assured us that the reports that Harry and Cho would kiss in the Goblet of Fire movie are "beyond bizarre and utter rubbish." That applies to the Hermione and Krum rumor as well.


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