Thursday, February 10, 2005

MOVIE Dweebing

Paramount Finds A "Treasure's Trove"
Paramount has picked up feature film rights to Michael Stadther's bestselling children's, "A Treasure's Trove," for a mid-six figures sum.

Cruise/Wagner will produce for the studio.

The story centers on 12 forest creatures who employ a woodcarver, his half-elf wife and their winged pet to save their friends who disappear after being crystallized by falling dust. EDITOR'S NOTE: I SURE WISH THEY'D START USING THEIR IMAGINATIONS AND WRITE STUFF THAT'S MORE FANTASTICAL EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE.

The book has created quite the sensation over the clues in the story that lead to a dozen gold tokens hidden in public places in the U.S. and are redeemable for jewels worth a total of $1 million. The author hid the tokens himself and insists they can be accessed without digging, moving or disturbing objects or structures. No one has yet found one of the gold tokens. EDITOR'S NOTE: SO THE WHOLE WOODCARVER/HALF-ELF/WINGEDPET/CRYSTALMETH THING IS JUST REALLY SECONDARY TO APPEALING TO PEOPLE'S GREED.

Cusack Signs "Contract"
Thesp Joins Freeman in Thriller

John Cusack will star with Morgan Freeman in Millennium Films' "The Contract." The script was written by Stephen Katz and John Darrouzet. Bruce Beresford is directing the thriller.

The story revolves around a family outing that turns deadly when a grandfather, son and grandson stumble across the path of a hired killer. EDITOR'S NOTE: OF COURSE, THE UPSIDE WAS THE HIRED KILLER BROUGHT MARSHMALLOWS, SO THE CAMPFIRE WAS WAY IMPROVED.

Millennium Films' Avi Lerner and Emmett/Furla Productions' Randy Emmett and George Furla will produce the film.


Fox Shuffles Release Date of "Four"
Twentieth Century Fox has pushed the release of "Fantastic Four" back a week to July 8. The film is now set to open against Sony's "Bewitched and Universal's "Skeleton Key."

By Fox clearing off the week of July 4th, Steven Spielberg's remake of "War of the Worlds," which opens on June 29th, will have a six day run from that Wednesday to the holiday on Monday. EDITOR'S NOTE: YEAH....PROBABLY BEST NOT TO TRY TO FIGHT COUSIN STEVIE. EVEN HIS BAD DAY AT THE OFFICE IS BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE'S GOOD ONES.

Set to open on July 24th is Michael Bay's sci-fi film "The Island."

"Super" Mom Discusses Upcoming Role
Though the plot of Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN is being kept under tight wraps Eva Marie Saint talked with IESB about her upcoming role in the film which begins production this March.

Eva is no stranger to Hollywood having been part of one of the greatest films of all time, Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. She began her career over 50 years ago and is about to become the adoptive mother to the one of the greatest super heroes of all time.

Superman starts shooting in early March 2005 and is expected to be a triumphant return to Hollywood. Bryan Singer has a talent of casting unknown and known actors to bring you some of the best ensemble casts seen on the big screen.

Before we see Eva Marie Saint become Martha Kent we will see her in the upcoming Fox film Because of Winn Dixie. This weekend we had the opportunity to speak with Eva and we asked her about her upcoming gig in Australia.

Eva said her shoot will be in March and will last for approximately 3 weeks. We can only assume then that the first few scenes must be shot on the Kent farm.

She also acknowledged that she is playing a widow. She is playing the same Martha Kent character that was married to Glenn Fords character, Pa Kent in the first film. This storyline will continue from where Superman 2 left off as previously reported.

Eva Marie Saint expressed her interest for the role. She said she is very excited about the project because her grand kids are thrilled about their grandma being in Superman.
She also mentions that she is trying to convince Bryan Singer to let Superman take Ma Kent flying in the film.

Eva also mentioned that the script is being kept under very close guard. Everything is under very tight security.

Penn To Play Luthor's Right-Hand
Kal Penn has signed on to play Lex Luthor's right-hand man, a genius henchman named Stanford, for Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN.

Penn is joining a cast already made up of Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, Hugh Laurie, James Marsden and Sam Huntington.

Jon Peters, Singer and Gilbert Adler will produce while Chris Lee will executive produce.

Die Hard 4.0?
Bruce Willis recently talked with BBC Radio. Willis told the BBC that "'Die Hard 4.0' is being written as we speak, and if all goes well we'll be shooting it in Autumn on the east coast of the United States." EDITOR'S NOTE: THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. YOU GUYS CAN HAVE ALL YOUR ARTSY-FARTSY FLICKS. JUST GIVE ME BRUCE WILLIS AND A BUNCH OF LOUD EXPLOSIONS, AND THE QOTD IS SET.

Fox won't allow Willis, who has script approval and will produce via his Cheyenne Production company, to say any more than that.

Bruce Willis is currently in London working on his latest film HOSTAGE.

'Aviator' trio eye 'Angel' for Warners
"The Aviator" team of Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and screenwriter John Logan are in early negotiations to develop a remake of Akira Kurosawa's 1948 classic "Drunken Angel" for Warner Bros. Pictures.

DiCaprio is attached to star in the picture, which would be produced by Barbara DeFina with Scorsese and DiCaprio through the latter's Appian Way production shingle, which is based at Initial Entertainment Group. Logan would pen the project, which is being discussed as a potential directing vehicle for Scorsese.

Kurosawa's film, which was set in postwar Japan, centered on a young criminal who is being treated for tuberculosis by an alcoholic doctorEDITOR'S NOTE: SO....UMM...IT'S AN UPBEAT COMEDY?

Russo to share lead in 'Ours'
Rene Russo has signed on to co-star in the remake of "Yours, Mine and Ours" for Paramount Pictures and MGM. Paramount has set a November release date for the project with MGM handling foreign distribution.

Russo will play opposite Dennis Quaid in the remake, taking on the role played by Lucille Ball in the original. That film revolved around two divorcees who join forces, along with their eight and 10 kids, respectively. Raja Gosnell is directing the project, which is being produced by Robert Simonds.

Long sees 'Ghost' role for Col film
Matt Long, who stars as Jack in the WB Network's "Jack & Bobby," is in negotiations to play a younger version of the title character played by Nicolas Cage in Columbia Pictures' "Ghost Rider," an adaptation of the Marvel Comics title.

The movie stars Cage as a former motorcycle stuntman named Johnny Blaze who agrees to let his body become host to a vengeful spirit EDITOR'S NOTE: SO INSTEAD OF WATER-WEIGHT GAIN, THIS WOULD BE...UMM...SULPHER-WEIGHT GAIN? HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY SATAN? I GOT THE DEVIL IN ME?


-- becoming a bike-riding demon in the process EDITOR'S NOTE: WELL. YEAH. THAT CAN HAPPEN. -- to secure the safety of his true love, to be played by Eva Mendes. Long would play a young Johnny, who makes the deal with the devil. Also starring are Wes Bentley and Sam Elliott. Mark Steven Johnson is directing and wrote the latest draft of the script.

'Death' catches up with Nolte, Roth, Campbell
Tim Roth, Nick Nolte and Neve Campbell have signed to star in the indie drama "The Death of Harry Tobin." Daniel Hainey will make his directorial debut on the project. He is working from his own script.

"Mangler 3" Crunching Its Way to the Screen
In an interview with "Arrow in the Head" writers, producers and directors Matt Cunningham & Erik Gardner discuss their work on a second sequel to THE MANGLER entitled MANGLER REBORN.

Matt says, they were offered the film. He actually worked for the company that purchased the rights to it and Barry Barnholtz had actually produced the second MANGLER.

He describes the machine as... "It’s kind of this hybrid machine created by Hadley Watson who happens to be a washing machine repairman. He likes to take antique things and put them together. So he tries to put together a new machine that is going to be built from parts of the original Mangler."

And in terms of nudity in the film the Matt said, "Honestly, we’re doing it from a foreign sales standpoint."EDITOR'S NOTE: HONEST, ANYWAY. Erick elaborated by noting that "from a horror movie fan standpoint, I think that kind of stuff doesn’t make your movie better.

Unfortunately we most likely will need it but fortunately I won’t be the one telling the actress to take off her top." EDITOR'S NOTE: WHICH ABSOLVES YOU?

The MANAGLER series is based on a short story by Stephen King and the original film was directed horror master Tobe Hooper.

"Love at Second Bite"
Tony Thomopoulos and George Hamilton have hired David Steinberg to rewrite "Love at Second Bite," the sequel & update to "Love at First Bite," which was released in '78.
George Hamilton and Morning Light Productions' Tony Thomopoulos will produce the film. Hamilton may also star in it.


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