Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A sign of the coming ENDtimes

"Constantine's" Reeves Gets Star Treatment
Keanu Reeves, 40, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today for his career that includes such films as "Speed" and the "Matrix" series.

His star was placed along Hollywood Boulevard near the spot where some action scenes in "Speed" were filmed.

His newest film "Constantine," adapted from the DC Comics series, will be released in about two weeks. In the film he plays a man, with visions of angels and devils on Earth, who battles to dispatch demons back to the underworld. EDITOR'S NOTE: APART FROM COMMENTING ON THE FACT THAT IF I WERE A DEMON...AND NO, BOB, I'M NOT....I WOULDN'T BE ALL THAT WORRIED THAT KEANU WAS AFTER ME..... WELL, APART FROM THAT COMMENT, I HAVE VERY LITTLE TO ADD TO THE KEANU-GETS-A-STAR NEWS. THE END IS NEAR, PARTY DOWN?


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