Monday, April 02, 2007

Dweebs...Place your Bets!

Punters back Neville to kill his Boy Wizard pal
By Mark Mcgivern

HARRY Potter's reign as the prince of boy wizards could be brought to a brutal end - by one of his pals.

Bookies have reported a rush of bets on fellow Hogwarts pupil Neville Longbottom killing Harry in the final adventure. Editor's Note: Say WHAT?!

Author JK Rowling has hinted that two of the main characters are killed off in her new book - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, which goes on sale on July 21.

The favourites on "Who Will Pot Potter" are still evil Lord Voldemort and Professor Snape, who are priced at 2-1 and 5-2 respectively, say bookmakers William Hill.

But a flurry of wagers on Neville - played by Matthew Lewis in the films - has seen his odds cut from 25-1 to 12-1.

Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams said: "Neville and Harry were born within a day of each other and you can see why fans have made the connection.

"It is difficult to know if the bets are complete speculation or insider info, and with less than four months to go, we are worried about being stitched up."

There's also increased support for the theory that Neville will cause the demise of Voldemort, with odds of that going from 100-1 to 8-1. Editor's Note: How about Voldemort kills Neville, and then Harry kills youknowwho? (Actually, I think it MORE likely that Voldiebaby kills SNAPE...who turns out to be fighting on the right side and gives his life for Harry....and then Harry kills Voldie).

If Harry survives, all stake money will be returned. Editor's Note: This is a cold, cruel bunch, eh?

The book has also attracted a string of alternative bets. One punter has wagered £100 at 4-1 that Dumbledore's death was staged and he will be alive and well in the final book.

And an Aberdeen woman has placed £50 at 20-1 that Snape is a hero and £40 at 50-1 that Professor McGonagall is actually a baddie. Editor's Note: Ok, I'm fine with that first one, but Maggie Smith goes to the darkside???!!! Say it isn't so, lassie!

Another punter placed £10 at 8-1 that Ron and Hermione will get married.

2-1 Lord Voldemort
5-2 Professor Snape
6-1 Draco Malfroy
6-1 Ron Weasley
6-1 Harry Potter
12-1 Neville Longbottom
14-1 Lucius Malfroy
14-1 Hermione Granger
20-1 Professor Slughorn
25-1 Hagrid
25-1 Cornelius Fudge
33-1 Arthur Weasley
33-1 Dawlish
40-1 Professor McGonagall
50-1 Lupin
50-1 Mr Filch
50-1 Dobby
100-1 Ginny Weasley
100-1 Tonks
100-1 Fred/George Weasley
100-1 Uncle Vernon


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