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Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls a StarWarsShop Exclusive

Russian matryoshka dolls, or nesting dolls, are an art form that seem perfectly suited to the Star Wars cast of characters. Housing figures within figures, it's almost poetic that a youthful, innocent Anakin Skywalker should be hidden deep within the dark and menacing shell of Darth Vader.

Japan's Hot
Toys recently released a series of six new Star Wars matryoshkas, which are now available exclusively in the U.S. at StarWarsShop. Editor's Note: Of course, I have a real AUTHENTIC Russian Matryoshka SW set that a very clever and lovely friend (and one that ISN'T EVEN A DWEEB!) brought back from a trip for me. But these are pretty durn cute, too!! (And save SO much on travel costs!)

Included in the series are:
Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
General Grievous

Each figure houses two more figures within, measuring 6.8 to 8.2 cm for the largest, 5.8 cm for the medium, and 4.8 cm for the smallest.

Each set of figures also comes in a 30th anniversary window box showcasing all three figures.
EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't know WHERE I'm going to put them....but I MUST have them!! (And each set is only $9.99!!! Woohooo!!!)

Star Wars Playing Card Set

New from Cartamundi the Star Wars playing card set includes three different Star Wars themed decks of playing cards.

The three decks include Star Wars posters which feature Star Wars poster art, you also will receive a combined pack of two decks one featuring Heroes and the other Villains from the Star Wars saga.

Our Price: $11.99
Editor's note: And yet ANOTHER must-must-MUST have!!! (I have some Disney SW playing cards, but they are just Rebel Insignia and Imperial Insignia. Not the faces of the cards themselves. These are VERY groovy!!

And now for things I can't afford.....

Life-size Star Wars Fathead Character Graphics for Your Wall

Ready to populate the vast white void of your bedroom, office, or living room walls with life-size Star Wars characters? Look no further than StarWarsShop's all-new assortment of seven high-grade vinyl, low-tack adhesive characters that will stick to almost any wall!

These thick, die-cut figures are printed in big, bold, colorful graphics that have a 3-D look and appear to jump right off the wall. They can also be repositioned with no loss of adhesion or damage to the original surface. Each character comes with additional peel and stick elements.
Created by Fathead, who already has a line of life-size sports stars in action poses, fans can choose from Darth Vader, a stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca. Sizes range from 23x38 inches for R2-D2 to 37x90 inches for Chewbacca.

Check these shared exclusives out now over at StarWarsShop!

NOTE: $149.99 EACH!!! Editor's Note: For $150 'CREDITS' you'd think they'd at least have some of the CUTE ones (like Han or Luke or EwanOBiWan)?!

Back to the less-pricey side of the galaxy....

RISK: The Original Trilogy Edition Now Available

Last year, fans of the board game RISK and the Star Wars saga were pleased to find that the two had finally joined forces to take on the table-top gaming world. RISK: Clone Wars Edition targeted the time frame between Episodes II and III, staging the war between the Republic and Separatists using the classic rules of RISK.

It was a hit, but left a major part of the Star Wars saga out of the war: The Original Trilogy.

Hasbro Games has now brought the entire Star Wars saga into the RISK universe by releasing Star Wars RISK: The Original Trilogy Edition, which is now available just in time for the holidays. Editor's Note: Ummm...Easter? (Ok. Yeah. I've been steeping on this one awhile).

The classic RISK board game, which allowed players to take over the world by invading opponents' territories with armies until a single player was left covering the map, has been translated into the warring factions of the Star Wars universe as they existed during the timeframe spanning Episodes IV -- VI.

"There are similarities and differences to standard RISK," says Hasbro Games' Rob Daviau. "We've replaced countries with planets and continents with star systems. There are big systems and small systems, easy-to-defend systems and difficult systems. But it is not an exact translation of the RISK board. You still have to conquer lands and you still want to conquer groups of lands. We've just changed the scale to make it more galactic in nature."

Naturally, the powers at play to dominate the game board are different from the original RISK, which were comprised of armies from the various worldly nations. In the Original Star Wars Trilogy Edition, those multiple factions have been distilled into three basic groups: Empire, Rebellion, and the Hutts.

"The Empire is trying to crush the Rebellion completely, the Rebellion is trying to find and destroy the Emperor, and the Hutts are trying to take advantage of this civil war to expand their criminal empire," says Hasbro Games' Daniel Sanfilippo. "Each faction has their own pieces, their own card decks (giving them special powers), and their own win condition."

Hardcore RISK players will find the Star Wars RISK experience just as engaging and intense as the original version.

"The nice thing about RISK is that the average player is a serious game player," says Daviau. "This means we can add quite a bit to the standard RISK gameplay in order to make it feel more like Star Wars. Yes, you can play standard RISK with this board and pieces, but if you already know RISK, you can now add starships, the Force, the Death Star, and different win conditions. These new factors layer onto the strategy, pushing it in new and exciting directions."

Specifically, Star Wars RISK includes 42 planets (territories) grouped into 6 systems (continents). Each faction has two pieces, representing one unit and three units. The Rebellion has a Rebel soldier and a snowspeeder, the Empire a stormtrooper and an AT-ST, and the Hutts a Gamorrean Guard and a rancor.

"A lot of what you know from RISK certainly applies to RISK Star Wars," says Sanfilippo. "It's always been a game about a large war set against a larger-than-life backdrop. So it was a natural fit to put it in the Star Wars universe."

Look for Star Wars RISK: The Original Trilogy Edition in stores now. Editor's Note: This sounds like a cool game! (And since I waited so long to post, it's probably in the DISCOUNT bins by Now!!!)

2007 Saga Legends Line Revealed

As mentioned last October, recently asked fans and collectors which Star Wars figures they would like to see resurrected from Hasbro's vast catalog of figures spanning the last ten years. Well the votes are in, and Hasbro is including the top ten choices among their 28-figure Saga Legends line for 2007.

The Saga Legends line will repack earlier figures in all-new 30th anniversary packaging, and will also include collector coins featuring the saga's six movie logos. The following list reveals the 28-figure line, and indicates which choices were made by fans. Editor's Note: Sharing this out of a sense of dweebduty. But REALLY. Let's be honest here. This is just a bunch of rereleases in new packaging. Makes it look like we are getting new toys, but saves Hasbro the trouble of actually doing sculpts and such for genuine newness.

Wave 1 (April):
Darth Vader (originally The Saga Collection Darth Vader)
Darth Maul (originally a pack-in with Episode I Sith Speeder and Darth Maul)
Yoda (originally ROTS Yoda)
R2-D2 (originally ROTS R2-D2)
General Grievous (originally ROTS General Grievous)
C-3PO (originally The Saga Collection C-3PO)
Clone Trooper (originally ROTS Clone Trooper)
Shock Trooper (originally a pack-in with The Saga Collection Skirmish in the Senate battlepack)
Battle Droids (2-pack) (originally a pack-in with Saga Deluxe C-3PO [with Droid Factory Assembly Line] set)
Clone Trooper (originally Clone Wars Clone Trooper)

Wave 2 (May):
Boba Fett (originally Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Boba Fett)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (originally ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Chewbacca (originally Saga Chewbacca [Cloud City Capture])
Anakin Skywalker (originally ROTS Anakin Skywalker)
Saesee Tinn (originally ROTS Saesee Tiin)
Destroyer Droid (originally Saga Destroyer Droid)
501st Clone Trooper (retooled, originally a repainted AT-TE Tank Gunner)
Princess Leia - Boushh Disguise (originally The Saga Collection Princess Leia)
Sandtrooper (originally part of the Evolutions set) (fan choice)

Wave 3 (July):
Pit Droids (2-pack) (originally Episode I Bonus Pack-in) (fan choice)
Imperial Officer (originally Power of the Jedi Imperial Officer) (fan choice)
Dark Trooper (originally Expanded Universe Dark Trooper) (fan choice)
Clone Commander (originally part of the Evolutions set) (fan choice)
Clone Trooper Officer (originally part of the Clone Trooper Troop Builder set) (fan choice)
Wave 4 (August):
Biker Scout (originally The Saga Collection Vintage Biker Scout) (fan choice)
TC-14 (originally Episode I TC-14) (fan choice)
RA-7 (originally a pack-in with the Original Trilogy Collection Sandcrawler) (fan choice)
R4-I9 (originally a pack-in with the Saga Imperial Forces set) (fan choice)


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