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Jim and Mulder head to Television

Editor's Note: Yep, still yummy!

Fox Mulder is returning to the box.

David Duchovny, best known as the intrepid E.T chaser on “The X-Files”, has given up his plight to become a big-screen superstar (wasn’t really working for him, was it?) and decided to return to the comfortable surroundings of a TV studio.

Duchovny will take the lead in a new untitled series for “Showtime” – something they can couple with “Weeds” – about a writer (Duchovny) who juggles a 16-year-old daughter, an ex-wife whom he still cares for and an insatiable appetite for beautiful women.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Hopkins (“24”) is one of the producers. It’ll air in August.

Meantime, another film star is headed to TV. “American Pie” and “Loser” star Jason Biggs is set to star in a single-camera comedy called “I’m in Hell” for CBS.

The project, from CBS Paramount Network TV, centers on a high-flying Wall Street guy (Biggs) who dies in a BlackBerry-related car crash. Because hell is at full capacity, he is reassigned to "hell on Earth." He is stripped of his career, his fancy apartment and the fabulous trappings of his former existence and must figure out a way to get by. Editor's Note: he works in the arts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This next one is mostly rumor-mongering....but it's FUN rumor-mongering.
Spock loves Sydney?

I knew as soon as J.J Abrams got aboard the new “Star Trek” pic that he’d be wanting to bring a few old friends with him – it was a no-brainer that Greg Grunberg, who has appeared in everything Abrams’ has done (including his honeymoon video), would snag a role; though to date, it hasn’t been revealed who the “Heroes” star will play, just that he will play someone – its just been a matter of trying to ‘which friends’ and for ‘which parts’?

I asked Michael Vartan, who starred in Abrams’ hit series “Alias”, recently whether he’d like to do something in the new “Trek” movie. He didn’t see himself doing that – despite saying he would like to do something with J.J again – and he especially didn’t see himself putting his hand up to play the new Captain Kirk. According to Vartan – soon to be seen in the not-going-direct-to-dvd release “Rogue” – Kirk, like Jesus and Elvis, is a role no actor should touch. (Granted, that could be a retort he came up with when he heard that Ben Affleck was being briefly considered for the role. Affleck, you’ll recall, is now married to Vartan’s ex-flame, Jennifer Garner).

One person who might be jumping aboard the new Enterprise (and I presume the Enterprise is going to be in it, right?) is Abrams’ golden-girl “Alias” star Jennifer Garner. Explaining why Garner was recently spotted lunching with the illustrious filmmaker, she’s being touted for a role as the new ‘love interest’ of the film (what I like to call ‘The Catherine Hicks’ role).

According to Star, via, Elektra herself might be making moves on pointy-eared Spock (and yeah, I’d believe she could make a couple of ears point straight up) in the new film. Its entirely speculative… and could be BS…. But it makes for interesting fodder all the same. Chances are, Abrams’ hasn’t even suggested it to Garner yet (though, considering the abovementioned meeting they recently had… I could be wrong).

IGN Movies also has an update on some of the other recently rumoured candidates – Matt Damon as Captain Kirk, Adrien Brody as Spock, Gary Sinise as Bones – for the film, suggesting one of them is ‘this close’ to signing on. Editor's Note: If true, great cast!

Webby genius ‘Stax’ (another $10 bucks mate) says, “We were told that Sinise is close to being cast, with the main issue right now being how to juggle the Trek shoot with his CSI: NY schedule. As we previously reported, McCoy will have a small role in the film, which will focus on Kirk and Spock's first adventure together (it is not, we hear, a Starfleet Academy story). Brody is also said to be close to signing on but until everything is inked, no casting can be called a sure thing.”

The site also reports that the movie, set to lens in October, is taking up 5 soundstages at Paramount – largely being used as alien locations.

Exclusive : Superman WON'T go it alone

A couple of months back I’d heard some whispers – whispers initiating as echoes from rather illustrious corridors mind you; that’s the only way I can put it without outing the pretty solid sources here – about the next “Superman” movie.

After the slightly (I say only slightly, because the film was still profitable) disappointing returns on “Superman Returns”, Warner were in two minds about whether to continue the series or not – right away, anyway. One idea that came up was to make their long-planned “Justice League” movie, and possibly just incorporate ‘Superman’ into that.

Cut to a month or so ago, and the trades announce that the studio is in the early stages of developing a “Justice League” movie.

Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks later, those some publications announce that the next “Superman” sequel could be delayed- because director Bryan Singer has gone and got himself involved in another film; a thriller for United Artists.

Interesting hey? Well, the plot thickens, I heard from a pretty reliable source this weekend – who, has some top contacts himself – who essentially confirmed that the WB are thinking of putting the next “Superman” movie into turnaround, and instead will just use the character in the new “Justice League” movie. (Funnily enough, Batman would not be involved in the new film – he’s too big to waste on a film like this, apparently). Editor's Note: I think it's REALLY to keep the Batman/Superman romance on the down-low.

Having now heard the same from about half-a-dozen reliable insiders, I checked in with a couple of sources near the Water Tower itself, who wouldn’t confirm nor deny the reports, but definitely haven’t dismissed that it’s a possibility. One of them would only say that there “could be something in [that]”.

I guess if it is true – and again, this is far from confirmation; and these rumours suggest that the idea is still just that… an idea – it doesn’t necessarily mean that a “Superman” sequel will be abandoned for good. Its probably just a way to get ‘more folks’ into seeing the next Superman movie – because he’ll be surrounded by other superheroes. Then, if that’s a monster hit, they might do a “Superman Returns” sequel.

It isn’t a bad idea. FOX seems pretty confident that teaming ‘The Silver Surfer’ up with ‘The Fantastic Four’ is the best decision they’ve ever made for the latter property – especially considering their solo effort didn’t do much – so no doubt Warner will be keeping a close eye on their investment to see whether it does pay off.

Whatever the case, I'm sure Brandon Routh will be the one to don the Blue and Reds again.

Stay Tuned.

Editor's Note: And speaking of Brandon Routh and possible contradictions to the above item.....

Exclusive: No Zod in Superman Returns 2?
Brandon Routh talks superhero sequel

For all the lush visuals and emotional intensity of Superman Returns, a sizeable slab of its audience grumbled about its lack of balls-to-the-wall action, with complaints going something like, “If I wanted to watch a man lift increasingly heavy objects, I’d hang around my local skip.”Editor's Note: Not 100% sure what a "skip" is. This was from a Brit website. (a gym, maybe?)

Well, Supes himself, Brandon Routh, gave us a few hints as to what we can expect from the sequel. And it seems a proper Scary Bad Guy (no offense, Lex) is very much on the cards…

It’s going to be a lot more in that genre. In the first one, the obstacle was Superman’s love for Lois and his son, and Luthor using that against him. I just know that in the next film there will be a lot of action and I’m gonna get to fight something, or someone. An enemy with real physical power might be worked in there, definitely.”

Hmm… But what of a rumour that’s been floating around of late, that the next Superman flick will feature a certain outlaw from Krypton, a villain with immeasurable strength, a baddie whose love of baggy V-neck tunics is only matched by his fox-like cunning. In short, will Superman soon kneel once more before General Zod?

“I don’t know,” laughs Routh. “I don’t know how much we want to reprise characters that have appeared in the series before, since we’ve reset and used the first film to pay homage to all that’s come before. Now I think Bryan (Singer) might want to go somewhere new with it, which I think will be exciting.”

It’s early days for the project — Routh says he has two films lined up to shoot later this year (one a romantic comedy) before he dons the cape again, possibly in early 2008 — and aside from a bad guy, there’s something else missing: a title.

“Yeah, I don’t think they’ve settled on one yet,” says Routh. “I suggested that Bryan call it Superman Returns Again, but I don’t think that will happen. They’re about to begin the pre-production process, so there’s a lot of ideas in the air and a lot of discussion about what’s going to happen with it. I promise a lot of excitement!”

Indiana Jones and the City of Gods?, via , have heard rumblings that Gong Li (“Miami Vice”) may have received another invitation to another mostly men’s only outing.

In their rundown of recent “Indiana Jones 4” rumours, the former site reports that Li may have been offered a role in the film (this, in addition to the part she has been offered in the next “Mummy” movie with Brendan Fraser). No idea as who... or whether it involves bondage with Sean Connery. Editor's Note: I assume bondage with Connery is a negotiating point? (And at his current dotage, would that be considered a PLUS or.....?)

In bigger news, the site seems damn confident in saying that the new film is going to be called “Indiana Jones and the City of Gods”.

Says the site, “This was the title of an older script, not the new one - but it is going to be used as the title of the film, in place of the title on the front page of the new script. Not sure why, but it is apparently 100% true”. Editor's Note: It is 100% true....until some OTHER rumor-mongerer tells us otherwise, I suppose.


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