Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday STAR WARS Pics

These opera patrons undergo last minute wardrobe and makeup checks before shooting thier entrance scene atop a blue staircase that will be replaced by a digital environment in the finished picture.

A worm's eye view of the enormous black cliffs of
Mustafar, cut through with searing cataracts of plunging lava, envisioned in a dramatic painting by Erik Tiemens.

A hologram of
Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) kneels and awaits instructions from his new Master after the assault on the Jedi Temple.

A close-up of
Lobot's cyborg brace, including vintage electronics and a label that identifies him as "Landau's Aide."

Like the
Jedi order itself, the very chambers of the Jedi Temple are sullied in times of war.

Terryl Whitlatch illustrates a Neimoidian bird that was originally going to appear in the negotiations conference room aboard the Trade Federation ship. The bird's death was to alert the Jedi of the impending dioxis gas attack.

A member of the
Coruscant landing pad crew, seen in the Jedi Temple, Senate landing platform, and elsewhere on the capital world, tending to official government vessels.

Luke Skywalker gets a chilling look at his future, courtesy of this dummy head used in filming the Dagobahcave sequence.

The Empire's finest... coming at you.

ILM modelmaker Richard Miller adds finer detail to a miniature of a statue that stands inside the Jedi Temple.

A schematic illustration of the R2-D2 costume that Kenny Baker wore in Star Wars. The fairings that hold his legs (noted as "A" in the first drawing) completely disappear in the non-costume tripodal configuration. An annotation here suggests that we "may assume it retracts."

Yoda's escape pod used to transport him to his new marshy home on Dagobah.

An air whale, ridden by a Whatnot, both denizens of Bespin undergoing development by Ralph McQuarrie.

Senator Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) awakes to find her bed empty as husband Anakin Skywalker paces her apartment to shake an unsettling vision.

Obi-Wan Kenobi finds the clone army very impressive, in this storyboard illustration by Ed Natividad.


Anonymous Tyson said...

Oh! boy the star wars costumes are outstanding all credit goes to the designers and the make up men they have done the best work for the movie

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