Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Random STAR WARS pics

Ryan Church brings Dagobah back to life in his concept painting for Yoda's arrival, a scene cut from Episode III but available on the DVD release.

This Joe Johnston illustration is an early attempt to design the Millennium Falcon's landing gear.

In this unaltered frame direct from the HD-camera, Padmé's privacy skirt is missing since it is a digital addition, and the pylons supporting her bed are visible since they would be digitally subtracted.

The familiar looking medical droid that treats a badly injured Darth Vader. This droid was intended to be the same model as the 2-1B seen in Empire, but not the exact same droid.

In an unattributed storyboard of a shot cut from Return of the Jedi, Mon Calamari star cruisers bombard the surface of the second Death Star

One of the triangular data displays in the landed Utapau coreship tracks the deployment of LM-432 Muckracker crab droids.

Concept artist Kun Chang designed this Jedi utility belt to have a holstered lightsaber.

Stunt double Michael Byrne is ready for another slashing attack against Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu). As the production progressed, much of this duel was rephotographed during additional shooting.


Marji the elephant is made up for her intergalactic debut as a bantha.


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