Thursday, October 06, 2005

A tad bit of TV News

Cage Sets up FILES With Sci-Fi
Nicolas Cage has set up THE DRESDEN FILES, based on Jim Butcher's bestselling novels, with the Sci-Fi Channel. The two-hour pilot for the series will be written by Hans Beimler and Robert Wolfe.

The story centers on Harry Dresden, a wizard who makes his living as a Chicago-based private eye. Using his extraordinary abilities to see the paranormal forces behind crimes, Dresden helps the police solve their more baffling cases.

Nicolas Cage, Hans Beimler, Robert Wolfe, Norm Golightly and Morgan Gendel will executive produce.

Sci Fi's Mark Stern said, "It's very much a detective procedural with a speculative sci-fi spin." He went on to note, "What the script did so well was to make the fantasy elements integral to (rather than superimposed on) the plot." EDITOR'S NOTE: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. IS HE STILL TALKING??? (IT ACTUALLY SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD. WHEN YOU READ THE PLOT DESCRIPTION. NOT WHEN THIS LIVE-WIRE STARTS DRONING).

Wolf, NBC get 'Conviction' for midseason
NBC is back in business with "Law & Order" guru Dick Wolf, ordering a legal drama for midseason. EDITOR'S NOTE: AWW. HOW SWEET. THEY'VE KISSED AND MADE UP.

Wolf Films and NBC Universal Television Studio will deliver 13 episodes of the tentatively titled "Conviction," an hourlong series that focuses on young assistant district attorneys in New York.

The series will not carry the "Law & Order" label; Wolf's attempt to add a fourth extension of his hit brand, "Law & Order: Trial by Jury," met ratings trouble last midseason and was subsequently canceled

UPN extends 'Chris' order
UPN announced Wednesday it has ordered an additional nine episodes of new comedy "Everybody Hates Chris."

With 13 episodes already ordered for the fall, that brings "Chris" to a full season.

It marks the second new comedy to get the full 22 this season; NBC greenlighted the "back nine" for "My Name Is Earl" on Tuesday. EDITOR'S NOTE: SEE BELOW.....

"Chris" has helped put UPN on the map in the competitive Thursday 8 p.m. time period, averaging 6.9 million total viewers and a 4.2 rating and 7 share in households in its first two weeks on the air. Though "Chris" dropped a significant 22% in total viewers and 25% in 18-49 from its premiere, the series has helped UPN launch a new slate on Thursday, improving the night by 19% in its target demo, adults 18-34

NBC gives 'Earl' full season order
NBC has ordered a full season of "My Name Is Earl," the network announced Tuesday, making it the first fall comedy series to get 22 episodes.

In addition, ABC is looking for more comedy from George Lopez as it moves closer to ordering a script about an interracial family from the sitcom star through Touchstone Television.

Encouraged by healthy ratings in its first two weeks, the peacock ordered nine more episodes of "Earl" from 20th Century Fox Television on top of the original 13. Executive producers are Greg Garcia and Marc Buckland. EDITOR'S NOTE: I BELIEVE "PRISON BREAK" (FOX) IS THE ONLY OTHER NEW SHOW TO BE GIVEN A FULL-SEASON RIDE. (SO FAR)

Clooney, CBS going live with 'Network'
George Clooney is going to run his own "Network."

If you're looking for a condemnation of today's news media, don't look to his movie "Good Night, and Good Luck," Clooney said -- but he's planning a live TV update of Paddy Chayefsky's 1976 movie, an evisceration of TV news if there ever was one.

Clooney, who five years ago was executive producer and co-star of a live TV version of the 1964 Cold War drama "Fail Safe," told The Associated Press that CBS chief Leslie Moonves approached him about doing the same thing with "Network," which won four Academy Awards


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