Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Smattering of TV News(on a Wednesday)

Fox Stations Snatch 'Farscape' for Fall Launch
The Fox Television Stations Group on Tuesday agreed to run "Farscape," the top-rated show on the Sci Fi Channel from 2000 to 2004. EDITOR'S NOTE: ALL WELL AND GOOD, BUT HOW ABOUT SOME MORE NEW EPS? OR AT LEAST SOME MORE NEW MOVIES? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE???!!!

The show is distributed by Debmar Studios and Mercury Entertainment. Fox Stations will begin to air "Farscape" in fall 2005 under the two-year barter deal. Debmar/Mercury will split the advertising time evenly with Fox, and a deal has been reached for Fox's Twentieth Television to sell Debmar/Mercury's commercial inventory.

"We are thrilled to be in business with Fox, both on the station side and on the ad sales side," said Ira Bernstein, president of Mercury Entertainment.

He said "Farscape" has also been sold to some Viacom-owned stations and that the series has been cleared in about 50 percent of the country. A source said the Fox stations are also interested in acquiring "Stargate" and "Stargate: Atlantis" and running them as a block with "Farscape."EDITOR'S NOTE: WHICH WILL ONLY MAKE THOSE OTHER TWO LOOK ALL THE PLAINER BY COMPARISON. (SORRY BECKY, BUT THE QUEEN SPEAKS ONLY TRUTH).

It could become an animated series

SPACEBALLS the animated television show? President Skroob would be proud.

Plans are afoot for a weekly SPACEBALLS TV program, with Mel Brooks once again deeply involved with the project. MGM TV, Berliner Film Company (a German film producer) and Brooks are all working on a plan to return to his comedic sci-fi franchise that began as a 1987 film. The funnyman will be one of the producers on the SPACEBALLS pilot episode, supervise the writing of other episodes on the series and reprise the roles of Yogurt and President Skroob. Thomas Meehan, Brooks' co-writer on the SPACEBALLS film screenplay, will also collaborate with Brooks again on the TV show, supverising the writing department and helping produce the series.

If the show becomes a reality expect the SPACEBALLS series to not just parody the genre of science fiction films and television but also fantasy works, such as THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

A green glow eminates from THE TRIANGLE
Sci Fi Channel mini-series gets go-ahead
Sci Fi Channel will indeed voyage into THE TRIANGLE. The genre EDITOR'S NOTE: THE GENRE'ISH....AHEM.... cable network has given the OK to make the six-hour science fiction mini-series and scheduled in a broadcast date of this coming December.

The show will be written by FARSCAPE creator Rockne O'Bannon and executive produced by Dean Devlin (INDEPENDENCE DAY) and Bryan Singer (X-MEN). EDITOR'S NOTE: ROCKNE O'BANNON AND BRYAN SINGER....GOOD. DEAN DEVLIN. UMM...NOT SO GOOD. (BUT WRITTEN BY, IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN PRODUCED BY, YES?)

THE TRIANGLE will explore the eerie reputation of the body of water known as the Bermuda Triangle, a zone of water off the coast of Florida where numerous planes and sailing vessels have disappeared without a trace. EDITOR'S NOTE: NOT TO MENTION BUNCHES OF DEMOCRAT VOTES. GIGGLE...All kinds of theories have been forwarded to explain the Triangle's loss of life, from the really out there (UFOs, rips in the fabric of time) to scientific answers, such as giant plumes of methane rising from the sea floor capable of sinking ships and switching off the engines of airplanes.

No doubt Sci Fi's TRIANGLE will take one of the more exotic angles for its explanation of the disappearances.

No cast or directors have been signed for the mini so far.

SCOOP: Details about FATHOM series surface
Men may be from Mars but there are things in the ocean from Venus
New details about the premise of FATHOM, a new science fiction series in development for NBC, have been sent to us. Originally announced last month, the network has ordered a pilot episode for the one-hour adventure series. At the time of our initial article all that was known about the show's premise was that it involved "mysterious creatures deep in the ocean."

Now we know where these creatures originally come from, and it's not from the Earth.

It turns out that the pilot will introduce us to a new form of aquatic life that's discovered by naval officers in the South Antarctic Sea and fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. This new species has the ability to heat the surrounding water, EDITOR'S NOTE: SHOOT, ANYONE CAN DO THAT. AND MAKE BUBBLES, TOO! SNICKER....but as scientists investigate how such animals could have evolved, they make a startling discovery: the creatures are actually not from Earth but from Venus.

It turns out that the Venusian ocean dwellers are the first wave of a invasion from the second planet in our solar system. They're here to terraform our world so it will be more comfortable for other creatures from their homeworld. EDITOR'S NOTE: DOESN'T ANYONE JUST COME FOR VACATION ANY MORE?

If NBC picks up the pilot we're told that the show's creators, Josh and Jonas Pate, want to introduce long-term story arcs. So far no casting decisions have been announced.

McMahon Gets CHARMED
Australian actor Julian McMahon will reprise his role of demon Cole Turner in the 150th episode of CHARMED. McMahon joined the cast of the witchy WB show in its third season and became a regular for season four. McMahon then left CHARMED to become one of the leads in FX's hit series NIP/TUCK.McMahon, whose CHARMED character was vanquished in the special 100th episode of the series, will reprise his role in the 150th episode titled "The Seven Year Witch" EDITOR'S NOTE: FUNNY TITLE. SILLY SHOW. in which he'll mostly interact with Holly Marie Combs' character. CHARMED airs on The WB on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.


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