Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poor Mrs. W

No Mrs. Weasley in GOF
In an interview with The Express, Julie Walters explains her feelings on the decision:

"To be honest, I was a bit hurt not to be in it, " the affable 54-year-old tells us. "The kids love the Harry Potter films so much and I get lots of mail about it. I can understand why they've had to pare down the film as the book is so long but I am really hoping I'll be in again for the next one."

Do remember that in order to keep the length of Goblet of Fire at 2 1/2 hours, there will have to be quite a few cuts from the 734-page book EDITOR'S NOTE: AND EXPLAIN TO ME AGAIN WHY THE MOVIES HAVE TO BE SO STINGY WITH US???!!! HARUMPH...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's that whole "How many times can we show the movie in a day thing-$$$." Remember what happened to Kill Bill? Miramax split it into two movies so they could sell more tickets per day, and then do it again with the second half of the movie.
-Glenn Ruthven

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, she's GOT to be in HP5...after all, a great part of the story involves her and her family. I'll miss her; she, along with Hagrid, are the heart of the series.
Joel Sandel

6:21 PM  

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