Thursday, January 20, 2005


It's official! BUFFY alum Alyson Hannigan will guest star in an upcoming epsiode of UPN's slick teen mystery series VERONICA MARS, with a possibility of the role becoming recurring.

Hannigan will play Trina Echolls, the struggling-actress daughter of movie star Aaron Echolls (Harry Hamlin), and half-sister of Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). In "Russkie Business," Trina after the memorial service for Logan's mother (who apparently committed suicide by leaping off a bridge) appears, raising new questions about what exactly happened to her stepmotherEDITOR'S NOTE: I'M ONLY ONE EPISODE BEHIND; WHEN DID LISA RINNA JUMP OFF A BRIDGE? AND SINCE WHEN DOES LOGAN HAVE A SISTER? I HATE IT WHEN I GET LOST SO COMPLETELY AND SO QUICKLY.

Series premiere delivers solid ratings for Sci Fi Channel

The results are in for last week's series premiere of the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and it's good news for the show's creators and the Sci Fi Channel: GALACTICA's two-hour programming block delivered the network's best ratings ever for a January program. As a Sci Fi Channel series, the first episode of GALACTICA turned out to bring in the second-highest ratings series telecast numbers ever (right behind the series premiere of STARGATE: ATLANTIS.)

Overall the show earned a 2.6 household rating, which works out to 3.1 million TV sets being tuned in to watch the series debut. Stacked up against UPN's ENTERPRISE (which broadcast a new episode against GALACTICA), BATTLESTAR outperformed ENTERPRISE with viewers aged 18-49 (1.9 million versus 1.5 million) and viewers aged 25-54 (2.2 million versus 1.7 million), no small feat for a cable show up against a network show.

GALACTICA's strong domestic bow matches the program's opening figures for the show's broadcast on England's Sky One channel last fall. EDITOR'S NOTE: HELLO SCIFICHANNEL DOLTS-IN-CHARGE! HOW ABOUT RE-THINKING YOUR LAME NON-PROGRAMMING STRATEGY, EH? WHO KNOWS, YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY ATTRACT SCIFI FANS. JUST A SUGGESTION....

NIGHT STALKER pilot gets go-ahead
ABC orders a pilot to be made

According to a story appearing in today's Variety, ABC has ordered a pilot be made for a 21st century NIGHT STALKER TV show. As first reported last October, the proposed new STALKER series will be executive produced by ex-X-FILES producer/writer Frank Spotnitz. In a strange twist of fate, it was the original 1970s NIGHT STALKER show which inspired Chris Carter to make THE X-FILES in the 1990s.

The original NIGHT STALKER starred Darrin McGavin as a Chicago-based journalist named Carl Kolchak who always seemed to be assigned to stories that had a supernatural twist to them. During his brief run on television, Kolchak faced zombies, vampires, werewolves, swamp monsters, unseen entities and even a prehistoric man. EDITOR'S NOTE: BUT THE SCARIEST CREATURE OF ALL WAS A SCIFI CHANNEL VP! Currently new Kolchak adventures are being created by Moonstone, a comic book publisher.

Four more join PAINKILLER JANE
Four more have been cast in the Sci Fi Channel pilot PAINKILLER JANE
First off, Tate Donovan (THE O.C.) will play a professor that helps the superpowered heroine discover her newfound abilities. Next, Richard Roundtree (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) will play the title character's commanding officer and her mentor in her new life. Eric Dane and Walker Howard have also received roles in the two-hour show, the latter actor playing a street thief.

The show is based on the Event Comics character created by Joe Quesada (now Editor-in-Chief for Marvel Comics) and Jimmy Palmiotti. Emmanuelle Vaugier has already been cast as Jane, a Marine officer that receives miraculous healing powers after being exposed to a bioweapon. The pilot will set up the premise for the series, should Sci Fi order it, which would see Jane on the run from various groups that want to exploit her and her powers. EDITOR'S NOTE: OR DATE HER?


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