Monday, January 24, 2005

A flurry of Harry Potter'ing

New info on HBP Deluxe Edition
A representative at Scholastic has informed us that the Half-Blood Prince Deluxe Edition will contain "a 32 page insert with the black and white art from the interior blown up to full page size." From this information we can infer that the book will likely consist of 31 or 32 chapters.

Update: HBP confirmed at 672 pagesAfter checking with our sources, we can now confirm that the 672 page count was given to both and Barnes & Noble by the US publisher Scholastic.We've also been in contact with Bloomsbury, but they're unable to provide us with a number of pages for the UK edition at this time. It is typically less because they use a different font. EDITOR'S NOTE: BETTER THAN FEWER THAN 672, BUT NOT NEARLY AS GROOVY AS 900. AH WELL. WE WILL READ IT SLOWLY AND SAVOR.....

JK Rowling gives birth to baby girl
CBBC Newsround is reporting that Jo Rowling gave birth to a healthy baby girl yesterday, January 23rd and "both parents are thrilled."

Richardson: HP kids 'professional and adorable'
When asked in an interview with the Manilla Bulletin what she thought about the Harry Potter kids, Miranda Richardson (Rita Skeeter) had this to say:

"They’re amazing. They are unbelievably professional and adorable. Yeah, it’s crazy, I know but yes, Daniel (Radcliffe) is just adorable. EDITOR'S NOTE: YES, YES HE IS.He loves music and they’re all a pleasure to work with."

GOF trailer coming this spring
MuggleNet reader Ryan wrote to Warner Brothers asking about when the first Goblet of Fire trailer might be due and was told "it will be hitting theatres in the States this coming spring." We've confirmed the e-mail as genuine.EDITOR'S NOTE: LIFE SURE IS GOOD.

First look at Krum, Golden Egg, and Dark MarkPictures from the 2006 Goblet of Fire wall calendar that have been posted on the publisher's web site:


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