Friday, May 25, 2007

OddBob Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars

Editor's Note: What's a celebration without a few OddBob moments?


As scary as it might seem, May 25, 2007 is the 30th birthday of the Star Wars franchise. Doubtless there will be celebrations, and hopefully nobody reading here will consider any of these while attending.
The Top 10 Things Not to Do at Your Star Wars 30th Birthday Party
10> Since you're 47 years old and never had a girlfriend, ask your sister if she'd be willing to help you recreate the scene where Leia kisses Luke.
9> Try to use the Force on your teenage babysitter.
8> Require everyone to leave the party via the garbage chute.
7> Bend over and light the candles on your cake with the Blue Flame of Alderon, like your frat brother did back at Jedi U.
6> Refer to the young chicks as "womprats" you'd like to "bulls-eye".
5> Let the kids take turns putting each other into Carbon-Freeze.
4> Please, for the Light Side's sake, resist showing party guests your small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port.
3> A rowdy game of droid tossing.
2> The "asteroid search" game is not supposed to include body cavities.
and the Number 1 Thing Not to Do at Your Star Wars 30th Birthday Party...
1> Drop your pants, point at your huge bare ass, and yell, "That's no moon! It's a space station!"
Editor's NOte: WooHOOOOO!!! NOW we've got a party, huh???!!
Let's all send a big dweebTHANKs to OddBob for setting the....ummm....level of the conversation.....ummm.....wellllll......let's just say the bar has not been set very high for the REST of us?'s a weird thing he sent in that sort of redeems him?
Editor's Note: Think Uncle George ever gets confused about which franchise he's working on that day?
Editor's Note: The weird thing is, this doesn't really change her appearance that much, DOES it? (Saw the new Shrek last weekend, by the way. Cute).
Editor's Note: A good lead off to the weekend....celebrating 30 years of Star Wars, and seeing the third Pirates movie tomorrow AM. LIFE IS GOOOOOOOD.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend (and 30th ANNY weekend) DweebPals!!!
ttfn and mtfbwy ker


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