Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ABC Makes its Fall Pitch

Editor's Note: Another party heard from...

ABC Changes Five Nights; Adds Cavemen, Private Practice
ABC will introduce eight new series this fall, and 12 overall for the 2007-08 season.

In total, just 30 percent of ABC's fall lineup will be occupied with new or relocated programming, with changes impacting the Monday through Friday lineups.

There are five new fall dramas (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Big Shots, Women's Murder Club and Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice), and three new fall sitcoms (Cavemen, based on the Geico Insurance commercials Editor's Note: And now, in a new feature, you can actually SMELL the dweeblog! , Carpoolers and Sam, I Am).

College Football on Saturday and the Sunday rotation of America's Funniest Home Videos, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters will remain intact.

Wednesday's lineup will be completely revamped with new dramas Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money, while the returning Men in Trees will relocate to the Friday 8 p.m. anchor spot.

ABC has also announced an aggressive slate of new midseason entries including sitcom Miss/Guided; dramas Cashmere Mafia and Eli Stone; and the nonscripted Oprah’s Big Give.

Lost, Supernanny, Wife Swap, October Road and Notes From the Underbelly will also be back for new seasons.

Not returning are sitcoms According to Jim, George Lopez, In Case of Emergency, The Knights of Prosperity; and dramas Day Break, The Nine, Six Degrees, Traveler Editor's Note: They ran ONE episode of "Traveler." What is the point of producing the shows, if you're not even going to give them a fair run? (I mean, reruns and such do better ratings? I mean, you've already PAID for the production of episodes, so why not RUN them?!) and What About Brian.

Here is ABC’s fall 2007 prime-time schedule with new shows in caps, followed by the new program descriptions: Editor's Note: ALL times EST.

8:00 p.m. Dancing With the Stars
9:30 p.m. SAM I AM
10:00 p.m. The Bachelor (new time)

8:00 p.m. CAVEMEN
8:30 p.m. CARPOOLERS
9:00 p.m. Dancing With the Stars Results Show
10:00 p.m. Boston Legal


8:00 p.m. Ugly Betty
9:00 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy
10:00 p.m. BIG SHOTS

8:00 p.m. Men in Trees (new day and time) Editor's Note: Didn't "Men in Trees" start in this time period?
10:00 p.m. 20/20

8:00 p.m. Saturday Night College Football Editor's Note: It must be EXHAUSTING for the nets to come up with their elaborate Saturday scheduling. Ahem....

7:00 p.m. America’s Funniest Home Videos
8:00 p.m. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9:00 p.m. Desperate Housewives
10:00 p.m. Brothers & Sisters

New Program Descriptions


Four successful male friends at the top of their game support each other through life’s surprising twists and turns. The cast includes Michael Vartan (Alias), Dylan McDermott (The Practice), Christopher Titus (Titus) and Joshua Malina (The West Wing). Editor's Note: Well it's a PRETTY cast.....

DIRTY SEXY MONKEY Editor's Note: LOL!!! I think the actual title is "Diry Sexy MONEY", but the typo the magazine made is too funny not to include.
A privileged Kennedy-like family, including a Presidential candidate, find themselves in constant hot water. But the one saving grace is a lawyer named Nick who takes on the daunting task of keep the family called Darling clean. The ensemble cast includes William Baldwin, Jill Clayburgh, Glenn Fitzgerald, Seth Gabel, Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland and Natalie Zea. Editor's Note: Then again, MONKEY might be more appropriate. Unless VERY well-written, and timed JUST SO for the popular 'zeitgeist,' these family saga soaps have a really bad track record.

Based on the best-selling novel from James Patterson, four working women in San Francisco--a detective, a district attorney, a medical examiner and a reporter--use their talents and expertise to solve murder cases. Editor's Note: The books are sort of heavy-handed and over-wrought. But fun. Angie Harmon (Law & Order), Laura Harris, Elizabeth L. Ho and Paula Newsome star.

In this spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) joins a chic private practice in Santa Monica, Calif., operated by her newly divorced medical school friends. The cast includes Paul Adelstein (Prison Break), Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy), Tim Daly (Wings), Merrin Dungey (The King of Queens), Taye Diggs (Day Break) and Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars).

In this blend of romance, procedural crime and fantasy from Barry Sonnenfeld, a young man has the ability to return someone dead briefly back to life with just a simple touch. So, to put his special ability to good use, he teams with a private investigator to crack murder cases by asking victims to name their killers. Editor's Note: Unless a lot of the briefly wokens LIE, it sounds like a 30-second show? The cast includes Kristin Chenoweth, Anna Friel, Swoosie Kurtz, Chi McBride, Lee Pace and Jim Dale. Editor's Note: GREAT cast. That's often a bad sign for the ratings...when all those REAL actors sign on.

Described as Sex and the City mixed with The Devil Wears Prada, Editor's Note: Yuck. So it's Lifetime for Sexaholics? four Manhattan women bonded by their Ivy League educations and executive success support each other through all personal and professional problems. The ensemble class includes Lucy Liu, Frances O’Connor, Mirando Otto, Bonnie Somerville, Peter Hermann and Julian Ovenden. Editor's Note: Great cast. But I want to watch ugly, unsuccessful people. All those really pretty, really RICH folks depress me. (Oh...really pretty, really rich people having SEX).

ELI STONE (midseason) A successful lawyer (Jonny Lee Miller) at a top San Francisco law firm seeks a deeper meaning in life as a prophet after discovering an aneurysm in his brain. The cast includes Loretta Devine, Natasha Henstridge and former Alias star Victor Garber. Editor's Note: A test pattern with Victor Garber? I am THERE!


Four guys from very different backgrounds commiserate about their lives, loves, jobs and families in the carpool lane. The cast includes Fred Goss, former Crossing Jordan star Jerry O’Connell Editor's Note: A lot of the "Crossing Jordan" folk already have other gigs; it sounds like they got a heads-up that CJ wasn't coming back?, Jerry Minor, Tim Peper, former Hope & Faith star Faith Ford and Allison Munn.

Based on the popular Geico Insurance commercials, three modern and very different cavemen (Bill English, Nick Kroll and Dash Mihok) struggle to find their place in the world. Editor's Note: Which my guess would be, in the cancellation file?

Former Married With Children star Christina Applegate is Sam, a woman who wakes up from a coma after eight days with no memory of the past. Forced to start over, Sam begins to realize she was not exactly the most honest or loving person. Kevin Dunn, Jennifer Esposito, Melissa McCarthy, Tim Russ and 24’s Jean Smart co-star.

MISS/GUIDED (midseason) After a new and improved woman (Judy Greer) returns to her former high school as the guidance counselor, she quickly realizes that insecurities form the past are hard to keep hidden. Brooke Burns, Earl Billings, Kristoffer Polaha and Jonathan Sadowski co-star.


Ten people will be challenged to take the money and resources they are given to help others and make a difference in their lives. The stakes will get higher each week, with one person ultimately being chosen to have his or her wildest dream come true. Editor's NOte: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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