Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vote Early/Vote Often

Editor's Note:

Actually, this is your editor's.....your QOTD's....PLEA.
Yoda and Vader are running neck-and-neck for top vote-getters in the Star Wars Stamp ballotting.
And I really really don't want to look at Yoda's face on ALL my stamps. (one or two, ok, but an entire SHEET of them?)
And do you truly want an entire sheet of stamps to be evil? (Everyone but OddBob may answer that).
Go to the Post Office website:
And vote for the one that is currently in the FOURTH position:
This is every bit as 'iconic' as Vader, but so much NICER. And wouldn't you rather look at young Luke on an entire sheet of stamps? (And you can almost hear that lovely John Williams Force Theme/Twin Suns theme playing in the backround, eh?)
You can vote once per day.
If not for yourself, do it for your QOTD!
ttfn and mtfbwy ker
P.S. I HAD been dividing my votes between twin suns and the Anakin/Obi duel, but since THAT one is even further back in the voting, lets concentrate our efforts on Lukie.


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