Friday, March 16, 2007


EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, yes yes, I am a very bad QOTD. No postings. Nada. Nix. NIL. But I actually LIKE my job these days....and you are HAPPY for me, right?

I won't say I will "try" to do better, cause then Yoda will come and remind me to "TRY NOT." But I will....umm...ENDEAVOR to post more?


An item that just HAD to be posted!!!!

R2-D2 goes postalStar Wars robot in a new role
WASHINGTON — Thirty years ago, in theaters near and far, far away, a movie opened the imaginations of millions, combining the magics of mythology and special effects to launch the Star Wars phenomenon.

A star of those films — the robot R2-D2 — is about to take a turn collecting mail as the Postal Service and Lucasfilm Ltd. commemorate that movie launch. The post office is wrapping collection boxes in about 200 cities nationwide in a special covering to look like R2-D2.

It's part of a promotion for a new stamp to be announced March 28, Anita T. Bizzotto, the post office's chief marketing officer, said. Editor's note: WHAT new stamp???!!!! TELL us!!!!

"It's a little teaser for the upcoming announcement, and we decided to have a little fun with it," she said.

About 400 mailboxes will be covered to look like the stout droid. "When you look at a mailbox, the resemblance to R2-D2 is too good to pass up," Bizzotto said. But Bizzotto urged people not to tamper with the boxes, noting that's a crime. Editor's Note: Right. THAT's gonna work, huh? Wonder how many of these puppies are gonna get lifted before the promotion ends? (I'm a GIRL SCOUT, and even I am tempted!!)

Oh....and check out the teaser trailer (yes, even the USPS has a trailer when SW is involved).
Editor's Note: Be sure and look closely at Princess Leia's HAND....


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