Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A few more HOT dweeb items


Guess Who's back on Alias?
With “Alias” struggling in the TV ratings, fans of the series will be pleased to hear that Michael Vartan has returned to the show.

Vartan’s character, Vaughn, was killed off in the first episode of the year, but apparently they’ve worked out a way for the actor that played him to return, says TV Guide.

Vartan returned to the set yesterday to film more episodes of the spy series. No word on who he’s playing. EDITOR'S NOTE: HE'D BETTER BE BACK FOR THE DURATION, AND THEY'D BETTER HAVE HIM END UP WITH SYDNEY. (OR...UMM...ELSE).

Waters put on 'Death' watch by Court TV

Court TV is trying its first original scripted series, ordering a pilot for a murder-mystery anthology featuring filmmaker John Waters. EDITOR'S NOTE: YES...THAT JOHN WATERS.

The cable channel expects to order 12 more episodes of " 'Til Death Do Us Part," which will dramatize real-life cases of spousal murder.

Waters will take on a regular role as the "Groom Reaper" in "Death," setting the story for the viewer from his vantage point as a guest at the tragic couple's wedding, where each episode begins.

Shooting in New York this month, "Death" will begin airing in the first quarter in Court TV's primetime entertainment block, which previously was filled with unscripted fare including "Forensic Files" and "Psychic Detectives." But seeing how "Psychic" influenced hit dramas like NBC's "Medium" helped persuade the network to take a chance on scripted series.

Carter's not signed for X-Files movie
Frank Spotnitz, producer of “The X Files”, dropped in on a podcast over at TV Guide and offered an update on the long-planned “X Files” movie.

My deal is done, David and Gillian’s deal is done, and Chris Carter’s is not. I don’t know why it’s taking so long. It seems like it’s been a stalemate for many, many months”.

He continued, “Chris and I have a story, which is kinda dusty now – it’s been a while since we broke it and pitched it to the studio, and I remain hopeful that whatever is holding things up will get resolved and we’ll still do it”. EDITOR'S NOTE: HURRY HURRY HURRY. (AS IT IS, WE WILL ALL HAVE TO ATTEND REMEDIAL PICK-UP CLASSES IN XFILES MYTHOLOGY TO BE ABLE TO TRACK ANY MOVIE THEY MAKE AT THIS POINT)

Ron Perlman is the new Conan
Arnold Schwarzenegger not available? Get Ron Perlman!

Well, not normally (Arnie’s got bigger pecs and less hair), but in the case of a “Conan” cartoon – as long as the voice fits, why not?

The “Hellboy” star will voice the Barbarian in "Conan: Red Nails," the first animated film featuring the mythic barbarian, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Perlman joins Marg Helgenberger, James Marsden , Clancy Brown, Cree Summer and voice-over veteran Mark Hamill for the film. EDITOR'S NOTE: LUKE SKYWALKER ROCKS!

The film will be directed by Victor Dal Chele, with a screenplay by Steve Gold and Timothy Dolan. Gold and Jonathan Bogner are producing.

Still no word on that rumoured live-action “Conan” movie – which Robert Rodriguez was linked to at one stage – but if the toon hits big and the DVD sales go off, then chances are the big guy will be gracing a multiplex screen sooner rather than later.

Shatner examined after back complaint
"Boston Legal" star William Shatner was taken to a hospital from the set of the ABC series Tuesday after complaining of lower back pain, a spokeswoman said.

Shatner had completed filming for the day at the Manhattan Beach studio when the problem occurred, series publicist Stacey Luchs said. He was being checked out at a nearby hospital but had not been admitted by early Tuesday evening, she said.

The expectation was that he would return to work Wednesday, Luchs said.

The actor, who played Captain Kirk in the original "Star Trek" series, received an Emmy Award last month for his portrayal of attorney Denny Crane on the ABC series. It was his second Emmy for playing the character, who was first introduced on ABC's "The Practice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vartan has returned

There are no words. The way they did that "OMG out of nowhere" cliffhanger was great. Making us spend all summer wondering if he was alive? Great. The way they resolved it in twenty seconds? Total crap. The way he died ANYWAYS before the episode was over? I hate you, Jaybrams.


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