Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Bruce has landed the role of Captain Duvall, the head of the King's Musketeers in "Young Blades", a $20 million series from producers Kirk Shaw and James Shavick ("The (new) Addams Family"). The action/adventure series follows the exploits of The Three Musketeers
as sword-fighters-in training who will take on the Establishment and a mystical, evil society as they come of age in 17th century France. Well known Canadian actor Michael Ironside who has made most of his career playing heavies has been cast in the role of the evil Cardinal Mazarin.

The series will premiere on January 23 on PAX TV.

Variety indicates that both UPN and CBS have given the green light to SF-themed pilots.

UPN has given the go-ahead to TRIANGLE, from executive producers John Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart, which begins when the wife of a young doctor mysteriously disappears while they're on their honeymoon. In order to find out what happened, he stays on the island and begins to treat the residents and visitors.EDITOR'S NOTE: SOUNDS LIKE IT MIGHT BE TRYING TO CAPITALIZE ON THE SUCCESS OF "LOST", BUT HERE'S TO A GOOD ATTEMPT.

CBS has put out a pilot commitment to Paramount's THRESHOLD, about a female government agent who leads a team of military and scientific officers to respond to an alien threat. Bragi Schut wrote the pilot and will serve as co-executive producer, while David Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS) will executive produce and direct. David Heyman (Harry Potter) will also executive produce, with Mark Rosen on board as co- executive producer.

INVASION:According to Variety, ABC has placed orders for three new dramas to their pilot mix, including an alien-themed project from producer Shaun Cassidy and another hour from Alias creator J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot production company. EDITOR'S NOTE: J.J.ABRAMS ROCKS! Cassidy's Warner Brothers TV-produced hour, INVASION, looks at what happens in a small Florida town after a hurricane. Details are being kept under wraps, but the show's title hints an alien invasion could be involved. Cassidy (American Gothic) wrote the pilot and will executive produce.

SCI FI Channel announced that it was developing a slate of new shows, EDITOR'S NOTE: YAWN....ARE THEY STILL ON THE AIR? SNORE.....including several that build on the success of its hit series GHOST HUNTERS and SCARE TACTICS, and stretch the boundaries of reality TV. The following project was given the green light for production:

-Master Blasters, a half-hour weekly documentary-style show produced by First Television, pits teams of amateur rocket scientists against each other in a race to design, build and launch some bizarre things into orbit, from rocket-bolstered La-Z-Boys to fuel-injected Mini Coopers.

The following alternative series are in development:
-Gordian, a half-hour weekly animated series from First Television, depicts a futuristic world where humans and robots live side by side. It centers on ex-video jockey Jake Gordian and his band of laser-cowboys, robots, animal freaks and talking body parts.

-Mind Game, an hour long weekly series produced by Hallock-Healey Entertainment (Scare Tactics), is a reality competition series in which contestants must rely on their powers of observation, recall, judgment and intuition to collect clues and be the first to claim the grand prize. The Mastermind, a mysterious unseen figure, will guide contestants through a series of situations that offer signs to advance them toward their goal.

-The Gauntlet, a weekly reality competition produced by Reveille and Hoegl/Singer, in association with Princess Productions, challenges contestants to navigate an elaborate, futuristic maze over a 24-hour period, with no sunlight, no rest and, seemingly, no way out.

-Dallas in Wonderland, a weekly half-hour reality series executive produced by R.J. Cutler, from Actual Reality Pictures, is hosted by Dallas Campbell, who undergoes a bizarre set of challenges, from applying to NASA to become an astronaut to asking the Raelians to clone him.

-Still in Search of (working title), a half-hour documentary spoof of the original series In Search of ... , from FremantleMedia North America, is hosted by Jonathan Frankle, who investigates paranormal phenomena on a shoestring budget, but instead finds trouble with his
producer and crew.

Previously announced alternative series in development include Monster Smash, which puts a SCI FI spin on competitive wrestling by introducing fictitious, genetically engineered monsters into the sport, and Amazing Screw On Head, an animated series about a robot secret agent charged with defending President Lincoln against a band of evil villains. The series is written by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me) and Mike Mignola (Hellboy), based on his comic. EDITOR'S NOTE: DO ANY OF THOSE...ANY OF THEM....SOUND LIKE A REASON TO WATCH THE SO-CALLED SCIFI CHANNEL? DO ANY OF THEM EVEN SOUND LIKE SCIFI? LIKE THE REASON WE ARE ALL DWEEBS? SHEESH....


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