Friday, January 07, 2005


Lois, Lex lock into Superman
Superman has found his Lois Lane and his Lex Luthor. Kate Bosworth is in negotiations to play the Man of Steel's plucky fellow reporter, and Kevin Spacey is set to play the superhero's nemesis in Bryan Singer's Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures. EDITOR'S NOTE: NOT EXACTLY AWFUL CASTING NEWS, HUH? (I MEAN BOSWORTH IS REALLY THIN AND REALLY BLOND....A COMBO WHICH ORDINARILY FILLS ME WITH LOATHING AND DISGUST....BUT SHE SEEMS TO ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO ACT, SO I GUESS SHE GETS TO LIVE).The comic book movie would reunite the two actors, who currently appear in Spacey's "Beyond the Sea" as Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. The casting of Bosworth was a long process that ultimately rested on a chemistry test between the actress and Brandon Routh, who is playing Superman, sources said. Bosworth reportedly beat out the likes of Claire Danes, Linda Cardellini and Michelle Monaghan.


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