Friday, January 07, 2005


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Uncle George must have gotten tough with the website posting the cool pics. When I went back to try to download them for my screensaver, I got either a blank webpage, or a pornsite link. (Either way...NOT what I was looking for). Ah well.....even Uncle G. has a right to his coterie of lawyers, I guess. (Keeps em off the streets).

Bothan spies tease us with EPISODE III images
More REVENGE OF THE SITH shots...that we can't show you

It appears that Lucasfilm isn't willing just yet to reveal all they have in store for us concerning EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH. Two days before New Year's Eve five images of scenes from the new STAR WARS film were leaked onto the internet, specifically first at the Millennium Falcon website (which is now offline.) A couple of these shots indeed contained some spoiler material about key moments in the film, which some STAR WARS fans have speculated about (indeed, what significance does the image labeled "theend.jpg" mean?) EDITOR'S NOTE: AND THANKS TO INTREPID DWEEBPAL/CORRESPONDANT CHEWYANDY, WE GOT TO SEE THOSE PICS. (AND MORE THAN JUST 5 OF THEM, TOO)!

Now it appears Lucasfilm has another hole to plug. 25 new high resolution images to be used for promotional purposes for EPISODE III have spilled onto the digital domain of dotcom showing views of Darth Vader, Yoda, and a clonetrooper in action; four nice views of planets we'll see in the film (including a certain lava world where a new Dark Lord of the Sith is forged); and three lovely shots of Obi-Wan and Anakin, nearly in full silhouette, locked in lightsaber battle.

STAR WARS websites that chose to run the images, such as The Psychotic, EDITOR'S NOTE: WEB ADDRESS = are probably in danger of receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Lucasfilm, and so we must err on the side of caution and chose not to run them. Still, we can certainly emphasize with these sites and the STAR WARS fans who want to see these things, and release this request into the void: Would someone working in the PR department at Lucasfilm please release some new stills of this film so we can promote your film? That teaser poster just doesn't cut it.

We spoke to one of our sources who told us that this latest crop of images were indeed promotional images for EPISODE III, to be used by third-party companies and not intended to be seen by the general public. Oops! Guess another secret bites the Sith. EDITOR'S NOTE: WELL, POOP ON THAT. WE ARE NOT 'GENERAL PUBLIC'; WE ARE DWEEBS!! BUT BECAUSE THESE PICS ARE HUGE (AND GORGEOUS), THEY ARE TOO MUCH TO DISPLAY HERE IN THE HUMBLE DWEEBLETTER. BELOW IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES TO LURE YOU, ENTICE YOU....(LIKE YOU NEED ANY HELP, FELLOW DWEEBISH TRAVELLER). GO TO THE WEBSITE ABOVE TO SEE THE REST. THEY REALLY ROCK!!!


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