Friday, January 07, 2005


Image of a GEISHA
Promo image sets the stage for MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA

The first piece of artwork for DreamWorks' MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA has surfaced at the DreamWorks Fansite.

In production now and scheduled for release come December 2005, this adaptation of Arthur Golden's novel focuses on a young girl named Chiyo living in 1929 Kyoto, Japan and who is sold by her destitute parents to a geisha house. The film chronicles Chiyo's turbulent adolescence and young adulthood as she is trained to be one of her countries most attentive and beautiful geishas. The film stars Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeog, Ken Wantanbe, Gong Li and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and is being directed by Rob Marshall (CHICAGO). EDITOR'S NOTE: IF IT WEREN'T FOR ROB MARSHALL'S CONNECTION TO THIS, I'M NOT SURE IF I'D CARE. (I MEAN, HOW VERY REPUBLICAN/1950'S A SUBJECT MATTER, HUH?) WELL.....AND A GREAT CAST, TOO.


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