Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wednesday Dweebing 6 - Do we Care?

Bush to tap Martin to succeed Powell as FCC chairman
President Bush will elevate FCC commissioner Kevin Martin to head the FCC, an anonymous congressional source said Wednesday.

Martin was appointed to the commission in 2001 and will replace outgoing chairman Michael Powell, who is leaving the agency Thursday.

Sources also said an official announcement was scheduled for 2 p.m. ET. Since he is already an FCC commissioner, Martin's promotion to chairman, which had been widely expected, does not need Senate confirmation.

The agency has been prominent in the public's mind recently for tougher enforcement of the indecency guidelines that free, over-the-air radio and TV stations must follow. It probably was best known for the fine it levied in connection with the so-called "wardrobe malfunctions" involving entertainer Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl and for actions taken against bawdy radio shows and other programming deemed to racy for broadcast. EDITOR'S NOTE: SIGH.....

DGA, WGA fight Emmy write-offs
The DGA and WGA West are firing back at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for considering removing awards related to longform and variety programming from the Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast.

In a missive obtained by sources that was sent by the guilds to Dick Askin, chairman and CEO of ATAS, on Tuesday, DGA president Michael Apted and WGAW president Daniel Petrie Jr., raised concerns over the potential move. "For the Academy to deny the role of the key creative talent in genres which have traditionally offered some of the best programs on television would seem to be an abdication of the Academy's raison d'etre," the letter read.

The guilds were responding to one of many possible changes being examined by a pair of ATAS committees charged with streamlining the telecast.

This scenario would have the writing, directing, supporting actor and actress longform categories shifted to the Creative Arts ceremony, which is held a week earlier than the Emmys, on Sept. 11 EDITOR'S NOTE: SO THEY'LL HAVE 3 AWARDS ON THE TELECAST? WHEN WILL THEY GET IT THRU THEIR HEADS THAT WE EXPECT AT LEAST THE BIG AWARDS SHOWS TO BE AN ALL-NIGHT PARTY. IT'S PART OF THEIR MYSTIQUE.


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