Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday MOUSE Affairs

Investors have 'confidence' in Euro Disney
Theme park operator Euro Disney said Friday that its €253.3 million ($330.8 million) share capital increase has been oversubscribed by about 9%. EDITOR'S NOTE: SOME AMOUNT OF ENGLISH TRANSLATION BELOW.....

That demonstrates "investor confidence in the company's future," the company said.

Euro Disney's existing shareholders were offered preferential rights to buy 2.8 billion new shares at €0.09 (10 cents) each. The new shares will be admitted to trading on the Euronext Paris and Euronext Brussels exchanges Wednesday and also will be traded on the London Stock Exchange. The completion of the stock offering, which was approved by shareholders at an annual meeting in December, is the final step in the troubled theme park operator's financial restructuring. EDITOR'S NOTE: SEE. A BIZ-SPEAK GOBBLEDIGOOK HAPPY ENDING.

Disney tries new adventure lands
The Walt Disney Co. will test the concept of offering guided tours to destinations far from its theme parks and having little to do with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or its other famed characters, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

Disney is recruiting families aboard its Disney Cruise Line, at its World of Disney Store in New York and elsewhere, offering them discounted trips to Hawaii and Wyoming in the summer.

Disney will charge $5,600-$7,800 for a family of four and will take groups of about 30 on guided tours to the two states. Plans are for six tours to Wyoming and nine to Hawaii. EDITOR'S NOTE: WYOMING AND HAWAII. HMM..... I'M NOT SEEING THE CONNECTION TO EACH OTHER OR TO THE DISNEY BRAND. THINKING DEEP MOUSE THOUGHTS......

While stressing that the concept is only a test, Disney will consider making a business of it if it is deemed successful, said Lisa Haines, vp strategic communications at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

A bit of disney trivia-----
Who wrote the catchy theme song you hear aboard Pirates of the Caribbean?


Space Mountain Ride Vehicle: This zippy space-age accessory could be yours!
Almost everyone who visits Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort experiences a wistful desire to take a piece of the parks home with them. A pin, a postcard, a ... full-size retired Space Mountain ride vehicle?

Some of us get more passionate about our souvenirs than others.

And for those who do, is the gateway to a dream come true.

It's the place where anyone with access to the Internet and a taste for the thrill of an auction can become the proud owner of a genuine memento from a Disney theme park - street signage, banners from celebrations, and even vehicles from various attractions.

Are these goodies for real? Can you really own a piece of Disneyland for your very own? Thanks to the partnership between and the Disney theme parks, you can.

Smart bidders have snapped up unique, strange, and wonderful goodies like park signage, banners, and flags from celebrations past, as well as a few really spectacular purchases.

Just ask Daryl and Rosalie Ball, proud owners of a number of Disneyland artifacts, from pins and small collectibles up to the crown jewel of their collection, purchased last year: a genuine boat from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland.

Isn't that quite a hefty souvenir? "Yes, it's quite large!" laughs Rosalie. "Larger in life than what we had really thought about. We had been on the ride so many times, but when it's in your garage it has a tendency to look a little bigger." However, the Balls are thrilled with their purchase.

"It's the talk of the town," Rosalie says. "We have had people knock on the door and ask if we really did have this boat, and if they can see it."

To get the boat from Disneyland to their home in Woodlands, California, the couple had to rent a flatbed truck. They could have arranged for shipping through, but Rosalie explains, "Since we're so close we thought 'Sure, it'll give us an excuse to go to the park!' so we went and picked it up."

Although this was a major purchase, it wasn't the Balls' first from, and Rosalie says she had no worries about buying the Pirates boat without having seen it in person. "You're talking about buying an item from Disney - let's face it, the reputation precedes itself," she laughs. "And also, I've had great experience with other items I've purchased from them."

And indeed, are old hands at selling - and delivering, if the purchasers prefer - big, fragile, or just plain spectacular items.

Why not let guests know your home really is your castle?

Jeff Titelius of Walt Disney World Synergy has helped coordinate many theme park memorabilia auctions and has seen many one-of-a-kind objects go to new homes. "My last auction featured one of the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride cars and boy, the winning bidders were thrilled that they were getting a piece of the magic of Walt Disney World history for their living room," says Jeff. "It's so exciting to see how much these items mean to people, and as a Disneyphile myself, I can totally relate!"

His personal favorite? The entire front cab of a retired monorail. "This was THE COOLEST item we ever auctioned off. I was constantly online watching the bidding frenzy. How exciting!"

If you've missed the pirate boat so far, but you're itching to make your own home a little more like the happiest place on earth, you're in luck. is offering an unprecedented series of auctions featuring unique items from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Bidders can also vie for unique theme-park experiences, like a vacation including trips to both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort all in one package. EDITOR'S NOTE: SIGH.....(AND PARIS, AND HONG KONG, AND TOKYO?)

It's all in honor of the "Happiest Celebration on Earth," a global celebration to mark Disneyland's 50th birthday bash that will kick off in May. For this extra-special event, every single Disney park around the world - that's all 11 of them - will be joining the celebration!

Some of the more spectacular items you could own include a bucket from the fondly remembered Disneyland Sky Way,

a Castle sign from the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort,

and even a Space Mountain rocket-shaped ride vehicle. (SEE ABOVE)

The auctions will run in series for the next 18 months, and bidding is expected to be fierce.

After all, what better way to celebrate 50 years of Disneyland, the park that began it all, than by putting a little piece of that magic in your home? It truly is the ultimate souvenir. EDITOR'S NOTE: TOSS OUT THE FUTON COUCH. I'M GETTING SPACE MOUNTAIN CABS FOR EVERYONE TO SIT ON AT THE NEXT MOVIE PARTY!


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