Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Academy picks 7 sound editing contenders
Seven films have been short-listed for consideration in the Oscar sound editing race by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts. Top picks include Miramax's "The Aviator," DreamWorks' "Collateral," Twentieth Century Fox Studios' "The Day After Tomorrow," Pixar Animation Studios' "The Incredibles," Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Polar Express," Universal Pictures' "Ray" and Columbia Pictures' "Spider-Man 2." EDITOR'S NOTE: SORT OF ALL APPLES AND ORANGES, HUH? TOUGH CATEGORY.

Ten-minute clip reels from each of the seven films will be screened for the Sound Editing Award Committee on Jan. 18. The members will then nominate three of these seven films for Oscar consideration. The nominations will be announced along with those in 23 other categories on Jan. 25. EDITOR'S NOTE: IF I HAVE 73 FILMS YET TO SEE WHEN THE NOMS ARE ANOUNCED....AFTER ALL THE DURN MOVIES I'VE SEEN (EATING ALL MY PEAS, DARNIT).....I AM GOING TO BE QUITE HUFFY. (THAT'LL SHOW EM).Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements will be presented Feb. 27


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