Tuesday, January 04, 2005


SMALLVILLE's Lois Lane Back for More?
Will Lois Lane be joining the SMAVILLE cast in the next season?

"I would be interested in coming back, of course,” SMALLVILLE guest star Erica Durance told SciFi Pulse's Ian M. Cullen. "That would be wonderful, to be able to be on this show for another season. I think they're working on that right now and deciding how much of next season Lois might be back and where they could take the character. I know they'd love to bring her back, but there's the film coming up and there are all sorts of things in the upper echelons that I don't know reasons for, but I'll probably know what's happening for in next couple of months."EDITOR'S NOTE: ON THE PLUS SIDE, THE ACTRESS HAS DONE A NICE JOB, AND THE CHARACTER IS FUN CONTRAST TO WIMPY/SIMPY LANA. ON THE DOWNSIDE, IT REALLY MESSES WITH SUPERMAN CONTINUITY, DOESN'T IT?


Blogger Drewster said...

Well, I think I got this comment thing down now.

Lay off Lana. I like here, and that whole Jane Seymour side story is just great too. Any reason to see seymour on screen ...

I think they did away with the sontinuity problems a season or two ago. The cave drawings have nothing to do with it, do they?

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